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Talk about it: Share your views on dining, cooking and food in general.
December 4, 2002

Follow these tips and your holiday cookies will keep you permanently off his "bad" list. Story
[Times photo illustration: Patty Yablonski]

Click here for cookie recipes
Which ones look good to you?
A selection of readers' favorite Christmas cookie recipes tested and tasted by the Times.

Memory lane is paved with cookies
Real home cooks made the cookies you'll see inside this section. Not food stylists, not celebrity chefs, not anyone with a culinary degree.

To market: Would you believe, the tangelolo?
Ah! December, a time of laughter, wide-eyed children and family specialties from America's melting pot. It's a time for seafood markets to stock up on delicacies such as live eel, oysters and salted cod. December is when Floridians send mountains of scrubbed and shiny oranges and grapefruit -- incongruously packed with fearsome chocolate alligators -- to frigid family and friends "up North."

Deconstructing: Dish
explanations from the inside out

Potluck rules help make the holidays tastier
Office potlucks are a time to share the holiday spirit with co-workers. They also can be one of the worst nightmares of your career.

Cookie chat online
Still wondering if you can use tub margarine in place of stick butter for cookies? Or why your cookies spread like pancakes?

The Nibbler: Change has come to Bern's
Change, that most dreaded of visitors to South Tampa, comes to its most venerable institution, Bern's Steak House.

You asked for it: It's the right season for homemade soup
This is the time of the year to enjoy a good homemade soup. Carrot soup is colorful as well as delicious. Beef stock is the base of Gloria Duke's recipe; plenty of fresh carrots, onion and celery make the soup a healthful one. The fact that it has very little fat makes it an all-around winner.

Food file
Special events and food tastings

Correction: Tropical Layer Bars
We sang the praises a few weeks ago of these rich bar cookies from the Junior League of Tampa's new cookbook, The Life of the Party.

Taste Recipes
Browse these collections for hundreds of recipes and timely tips that will make you a star in your own kitchen.

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