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December 18, 2002
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • U.S. on $1 coin: Who needs it?
    WASHINGTON -- Nearly two-thirds of Americans oppose replacing the dollar bill with a coin, but many change their minds when told the switch could save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, a new poll finds.

    Western storms leave 13 dead
    BEN LOMOND, Calif. -- A deadly El Nino storm that brought five straight days of rain and high winds to the Pacific Coast eased Tuesday, but more bad weather was on the way and the danger of mudslides was high.

    Cheapest drug called best for hypertension
    Inexpensive diuretics are more effective than newer, more expensive hypertension drugs in preventing deaths from heart disease, and using the old-fashioned "water pills" more widely could save 60,000 lives and hundreds of millions of dollars per year, according to the first head-to-head comparison of the drugs.

    Personnel files reveal more allegations of priest sex abuse
    BOSTON -- A priest who admitted molesting teenage boys while they slept was advised by a church review board in the 1990s to put an apology in his personnel file for use in case more victims came forward.

    Nation in brief
    L.A. considers limiting police car chases

    Ex-local prosecutor deftly handled tough 9/11 inquiry
    WASHINGTON -- If Eleanor Hill had failed as staff director of Congress' recently ended investigation of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, few would have been surprised. The task was daunting.

    Teen hurls grenade, injures two Americans
    KABUL, Afghanistan -- Two U.S. soldiers and their Afghan interpreter were wounded Tuesday afternoon when a teenage boy, later identified as an Afghan Islamic militant, threw a grenade into their jeep in a crowded market.

    New plans for N.Y. site unveiled today
    NEW YORK -- A floating memorial with 2,800 lights and the tallest towers in the world are among the ideas that will be unveiled today for the World Trade Center site, with planners hoping the new round of designs will capture the public's imagination.

    Reopen Chernobyl, 8,000 protesters cry
    KIEV, Ukraine -- Braving freezing weather, thousands of Ukrainians rallied Tuesday to call for the reopening of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and to demand funding promised when the plant closed two years ago.

    Native leader lauds Holocaust
    TORONTO -- A prominent native leader in Canada apologized Tuesday for saying that Adolf Hitler was justified in killing millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

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