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Letters to the Editors

Glazers need to be grounded

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 5, 2003

When the groundhog sees his shadow, those who didn't move to Florida to escape winter's wrath long for the snow to disappear. But we who live here far away from the snow are being treated to another snow-job by those paragons of greed and chicanery, the super-hog Glazers.

For the first time ever, their NFL team won 12 games and earned a bye in the playoffs. But what's more important, confidently preparing for the playoffs, or greedily pursuing compensation from the Cowboys for wanting to sign Bill Parcells as coach?

Wasn't it ugly enough they botched the deal with Parcells last year? They're either still smarting or still dumbing from being outfoxed by the coach. All those draft choices and $8-million to get Jon Gruden?

Coaches get fired all the time. Wouldn't it be an ideal world if we could fire the Glazers?
-- Nat Lemmerman, Palm Harbor

Kudos to John Romano for his excellent column on Bill Parcells and the Glazers (Bucs, Parcells battle for the lower ground, Tuesday). He covered the subject beautifully and was on the nose. Further, this was a well-written piece, and I think it stamps him as the best writer-reporter in the Times Sports Department. He is one of the few members of that staff who resists the cutesy writing style and does his own thing. I look forward to more Romano columns of this caliber from this very good sports department.
-- Berwin A. Cole, Clearwater

FSU, Bowden need to do their homework

If the FSU athletic director and coach Bobby Bowden carefully reviews the character, record and background of these potential players before selecting or offering an athletic scholarship, it would prevent most of their embarassing problems. It seems the selection has been solely made for the ability of the player to perform and to win.

Other schools may have a problem once in awhile, but not like FSU and Bowden to win at all cost. Look at the long list of these FSU players that have brought attention ot the university program, and all have been stars.
-- Richard A. Perkins, Sun City Center

College football is about fans and tradition

Gary Shelton is way off base in his thoughts about the BCS playoff (We need a leader to bring us playoff, Dec. 28). Most colleges and universities are academic institutions that happen to have a football team. I know it doesn't work that way in Florida but trust me, in most of the country, institutions of higher learning are just that.

In addition, 90 percent of the college football fans in this country don't care who is No. 1. Fans in Indiana, Kansas and Oregon are hoping for beautiful fall Saturdays, a winning season, maybe a conference championship and hopefully a bowl invite. And whether you like it or not, college football is about tradition, and the Rose Bowl as a Big Ten/Pac-10 rivalry is far more important to most fans of those two conferences than the random chance that someone ends up in the Top 10.

To those of you who are obsessed with the BCS, why don't you take the 10 or so schools that are also obsessed with being No. 1 and put them in one super conference. They could beat up on each other all year and really decide who is the best. Then the rest of us could go back to enjoying college football the way it was meant to be played.
-- David Egbert, St. Petersburg

What did this extensive bowl season bring us? A deluge of mediocre play-by-play announcers and a litany of analysis. What year was it decided that we convert to the format that allows the color man to dominate the microphone?

Fortunately, we still have some classy reporters, i.e., Dick Enberg, Al Michaels, Keith Jackson, and Joe Buck, but the overwhelming influx of games has given us a plethora of babbling analysts. I wonder how many other fans, like myself, find themselves eventually going to the mute button.
-- Don Donlon, South Pasadena

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