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Rolling back the registry may fix laptop

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published January 6, 2003

Q. I was running a virus scan on my IBM Thinkpad I-1200 (Windows 98) when it locked up. I had to shut it down. When I try to restart it, it gets to the Microsoft Windows 98 screen and just stops. I don't have the original disc for the software and only a CD-ROM drive. Is there anything I can do to get my machine going, or would I have to get a new copy of the software?

A. It sounds like a corrupt driver failing to initialize or maybe even a bad hardware component (such as the CD-ROM). Try booting into Safe Mode. Hold the Ctrl key down as it reboots and select Safe Mode from the menu that appears after the POST. If this successfully boots into Windows, run a thorough Scandisk, then reboot normally.

If it still hangs, repeat the Safe Mode boot procedure, choosing this time to go to a command prompt. Enter CD\Windows\Command (change directory to Windows\Command folder). Enter Scanreg, then hit return. It will do an integrity check on your registry and give you an option to restore a previous registry. Choose the latest one from before you started experiencing this problem. If nothing works, you'll need to find a Windows CD and try reinstalling Windows.

To XP or not XP?

Q. I was told not to install Windows XP on my laptop, which has a 233-megahertz chip.

A. XP will probably run on your laptop, but I would advise against doing it. Most likely a laptop that old won't have enough random access memory, which will be a real performance-killer under Windows XP.

Trouble with Workgroups

Q. The following comes up when I sign on my Compaq laptop: "1200XL119 . . . ATAPI IDE-CD-Rom Device Driver Version V 1.23B 1 Drive(s) detected, Unit 1 Master, IRQ 15, I/O Address 0x0170 C:\>C:\windows\ LSL.Com Bad command or File name :2-09-20 07:19 C:\autoexec.bat :HIBCHK found on 1 lines = path=3DC:\cpqs\saverest;C:\cpqs\tools; C:\windows\command;C:\windows;C:\windows;C:\
windows;C:\windows\command Microsoft work Groups ODI/NDIS3 Mapper Version 2.0 Error: cannot find LSL ODI/NDIS3 Mapper; Initialization Failure. Press any key to continue." This comes up just before going to the Desktop to start programs.

A. is part of the Novell network protocol stack that existed in Windows for Workgroups versions. You somehow copied an autoexec.bat or a system.ini file that had this startup information in it, or your network settings were modified to include this protocol. Try editing your autoexec.bat/config.sys files and comment out any reference to LSL by prefixing that line with REM (for Autoexec) or a ";" (config.sys).

If the messages persist, you may also have to remove these settings in your network adapter property settings (right-click Network Neighborhood, select Properties). If you are not familiar with this area and not comfortable making modifications, it would be best to have someone who is do it.

The error message is not causing any problems other than being an annoyance, so it is not an emergency.

Speeding ScanDisk and Defrag

Q. I'm running Windows 98 on a Gateway. ScanDisk and Defrag take forever unless I Ctrl-Alt-Del and remove all but Explorer. About 15 items show up, and I have to click End Task for each, one at a time. Is there a way that I can close more than one at a time?

A. Create a Startup diskette (Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, click Startup Disk tab) to use as a boot floppy (insert it into your floppy disc drive and reboot). Once it reboots and is at the command prompt, type and run SCANDISK.

For Defrag, boot into Safe Mode (hold the Ctrl key while rebooting). This will start Windows with minimal drivers and none of your startup programs.

- Send hardware and software questions to or Personal Technology, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, FL 33731. Questions will be answered only in the column. John Torro is a Microsoft Certified systems engineer and Microsoft Certified solutions developer. He has been writing for Personal Technology since 1997.

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