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Letters to the Editors

Timing of party defections raises concerns about ethics

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published January 10, 2003

Editor: I've been reading with interest the letters on both sides concerning the party-changing of Steve Simon and Kurt Browning that has quickly devolved into name-calling and charges of liberalism -- as if that was a bad thing! For those of you who read the story about the Geiger development Nature's Watch, let's just say that conservatives are known to be developer friendly.

A person who would run for office under one party's name and switch to another within days of the election is obviously someone with no scruples and not someone worthy of trust. As the switch is more often from Democrat to Republican these days, it says more about the ethics of Republicans than I possibly could.
-- Brent Yaciw, Wesley Chapel

Preserve Second Amendment rights

Re: Republican Party lurches far to the right, Jan. 3 letter Editor: My wife, Ann, and I are proud to have fought against the so-called gun show loophole ordinance. That ordinance was not needed. It's already illegal for anyone to sell a firearm to a felon at a gun show or elsewhere. Agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement often go to gun shows under cover to be sure illegal sales are not going on. When people don't comply, arrests are made.

Background checks do not stop crime with guns anyway. The Long Island Rail Road murderer went to California, passed a background check, waited 15 days, returned to New York City (where people are easy prey because concealed carry permits are extremely difficult to obtain) and slaughtered people trapped in a commuter train car.

Hank Earl Carr got his girlfriend to buy a gun for him. She is now doing time.

The pawnshop database is unnecessary. Photo identification is required to pawn a gun, a report must be made to the chief law enforcement officer in the county, and the pawnshop owner must do a background check with Florida Department of Law Enforcement when the person comes in to pick it up.

Letter writer Arthur Hayhoe can't pick and choose among the amendments to our Constitution. The First Amendment guarantees his right to express his political point of view. The Second Amendment guarantees our right to keep and bear arms. As leader of the Republican Party of Pasco, I will fight to defend all our Constitutional rights.
Bill Bunting, Hudson

Schools' gun safety program lauded

Editor: As a mother of two young children, I applaud Bill Bunting for introducing the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program in Pasco schools. Gun safety saves lives, and that is exactly what this video does.

If letter writer Arthur Hayhoe was concerned about gun safety, he would join Mr. Bunting in educating our children about gun safety. Doesn't he realize there are 80-million gun owners in the United States of America?
-- Andrea H. Gregorski, Holiday

Peace, good will needed all year

Editor: Where has it all gone? Peace on Earth, good will toward man is often spoken this time of year, but often forgotten the rest of the year. Where has the peace and good will gone to each other throughout families, friends, and the world?

Keep in mind what Christmas is all about anyway. If more people did this during the season of giving, maybe they could learn to give throughout the year. In God's eyes we are all here to be at peace with one another, hopefully trying to make it through life's journey.

This is why I ask where has it gone?
-- William J. Brandt, New Port Richey

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