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Letters to the Editors

Your turn

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 12, 2003

Former Bucs coaches Tony Dungy and Herman Edwards deserve recognition for their professional demeanor and display of good sportsmanship toward each other. They continue to be excellent role models for their teams and communities, and show a genuine appreciation for each other's success. In a profession in which salaries are big and egos even bigger, it is refreshing to see two gentlemen who consistently show class and allow their coaching to speak for itself. They are good coaches and good men, and we were lucky to have them in Tampa Bay for so many years.
-- Rory Marsh, Dunedin

As I suggested recently to your question "Why fire Tony Dungy?" Sunday was the perfect example. No consistency. Once again, Dungy led the Dolts instead of the Colts. The Colts never will win a Super Bowl under Dungy because he doesn't know how to teach them to win every week.
-- Eric Ager, Clearwater

Where, oh, where, did my Lightning go? What a shame that Time Warner, the Sunshine Network and the team can't work out something so that the Lightning games are televised again.
-- Greg Fudala, Largo

Your Fiesta Bowl articles by Bob Harig, Keith Niebuhr and Michael Snyder were a disservice to Ohio State. The repeating mantra of Miami beating itself is ridiculous -- the OSU defense caused the turnovers in much the same wat the Buccaneers defense does when the offense wouldn't win without it. I never hear anybody saying those NFL teams beat themselves.

In addition, the misquote of Jim Tressel speaks volumes about the difference between the Big Ten and most other conferences. His statement referred to the band, TBDBITL, not the fans. The tradition of TBDBITL, Hang on Sloopy, Script Ohio and Carmen Ohio is lost on the flash and dash teams of Florida. Fourteen years after leaving Columbus it still moves me. You guys just don't get it.
-- Mary Cassanos, Palm Harbor

Usually I don't respond to letters sent in by readers, but this time I can't help myself. First, if Richard Perkins (Commentary, Jan. 3) has some magic method for peering into the future and determining which 17-year-old recruiting prospects will find themselves in trouble in the next four or five years, I am sure Bobby Bowden and many other coaches across the nation would be very interested in talking to him.

Second, his statement that "FSU and Bobby Bowden (like) to win at all costs" is patent nonsense and shows a lack of knowledge of recent events. The reason FSU has gotten so much attention is because it has suspended many key players for even the most minor infractions. The more serious acts have justifiably resulted in the unconditional dismissal for the offenders.

It doesn't sound to me like Coach Bowden is selling his soul to win.
-- Mike Gallina, Tarpon Springs

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