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Eagles game draws huge

By Times staff writer
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published January 21, 2003

Making News

The Bucs' victory Sunday drew what likely was the largest local audience share ever, attracting 79 percent of those watching television in the Tampa Bay area. An average of about 865,000 households tuned into Ch. 13's broadcast Sunday, which was 53.4 percent of the area's 1.6-million households with TVs, according to WTVT. Nationally, 38.7-million viewers watched Fox's broadcast, which was 45 percent of those watching TV, a 3 percent increase from last year. Ratings locally and nationally were preliminary. Final figures won't be available until today because of Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, but analysts predicted the amount wouldn't change much.

Question of the Day

This is the Bucs' first Super Bowl. Which eight teams have never been there and what is the closest they have come? Answer below.

Out of bounds

In case anyone out there was wondering

So what's a Qualcomm? The San Diego stadium where the Super Bowl will be played is named after that city's most prominent tech company. Qualcomm, led by chief executive Irwin Jacobs, is a top maker of hardware and software for cell phones and global positioning systems. It paid the city of San Diego $18-million in 1997 for 20-year naming rights. Its stock closed Friday at $36.80 a share. That's nowhere near its all-time high of $179.31, reached during the tech boom, but the company doesn't seem to be suffering the same jinx as embattled or defunct stadium sponsors such as Houston's Enron, St. Louis' TWA or Miami's ProPlayer.

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SEASON REWIND: Want to see how the Bucs reached the Super Bowl? Go to www.sptimes.com /Bucs/gallery2002.shtml.


Browns (AFC championship in 1986, '87 and '89); Cardinals (NFC divisional game in 1974, '75 and '98); Jaguars (AFC championship in 1996); Lions (NFC championship in 1991); Panthers (NFC championship in 1996); Saints (NFC divisional game in 2000); Seahawks (AFC championship in 1983) and Texans (have not made the playoffs)

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