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Raiders quotebook

By Times staff

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 27, 2003

Coach Bill Callahan on whether the Bucs defense shut them down:

"I thought, for one reason or another, we just couldn't get our rhythm going. We came in at the half and regrouped. I felt our guys fought extremely hard in the second half to come back. ... Time ran out. It wasn't enough."

* * *

Quarterback Rich Gannon on the loss:

"Obviously it wasn't our night. I give a lot of credit to the Buccaneers. They played a great game. We were just absolutely terrible. It was a nightmarish performance."

* * *

Receiver Jerry Porter on the Bucs defense:

"I'm not going to sit here and pay lip service to the Tampa Bay defense. It's what we didn't do. It's going to sound repetitive, like everyone says after a loss. But they're beatable."

* * *

Callahan on Tampa Bay's pass rush:

"When you give up some early sacks, it hurts you. You get behind in the down-and-distance. Obviously, when that occurs and you don't make plays and you drop the ball and you get penalties, I think it's just a cumulative effect that slows your confidence and puts you behind the eight-ball."

* * *

Guard Frank Middleton on whether he said anything to Warren Sapp:

"I had a good matchup with Sapp. I love to play against him. I refused to let him get a sack on me. I almost thought it was fun. I just wish it would have turned out better. All together, I would say to Sapp and the Bucs that I can play football and that I can do a heck of a job."

* * *

Center Adam Treu on when he found out he was starting:

"Yesterday afternoon, about 3 o'clock. I was really excited for myself and my family. I wanted to go out and perform well and make them proud. There is no better story than to get a start in the Super Bowl."

* * *

Cornerback Charles Woodson on whether the Raiders defense wore down:

"I don't think we did over the course of the game. But in this game, we were on the field entirely too long. We didn't take advantage of getting three-and-out situations. We allowed them to convert third downs and didn't get ourselves off the field so our offense could work. We're all to blame for this game, in all phases."

* * *

Middleton on the failed comeback:

"We did not show up early, and we waited too long to get started."

* * *

Woodson on Michael Pittman:

"We didn't think he would be able to do anything. We felt our defense was stopping the run well. But for him to go over 100 yards is unheard of. Nobody expected that on our team, and if you run the ball, you don't have to do much else."

* * *

Gannon on starting the second half:

"We talked at halftime about how that first drive was a big one and that we needed to generate a score. But it turned out that we went three-and-out and then they began to control the clock."

* * *

Porter on Gannon's struggles:

"It's always a shock when you see him struggle. He played so well for us all year, it's almost like we expect him to come out and play a perfect game. It just shows that he's human."

* * *

Safety Rod Woodson on Gannon's turnovers:

"It's tough to play your personal best week in and week out. It's really tough. Not one individual wins or loses championships. We lost this game as a complete team. We let them drive down the field and score, and you can't do that in the National Football League, especially in the Super Bowl."

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