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Super Bowl XXXVII

Letters to the Editors

Revenge against Steeler is sweet

© St. Petersburg Times, published January 27, 2003

Dear Lee Flowers,

The correct term, sir, is Super Bowl champions, and don't you ever forget it.
-- Alan Schramek, St. Petersburg

The television production of the Super Bowl helped ruin fan interest in the game. The drama was ignored (Jerry Rice could be at his end, long-time veterans on the Raiders wanting to get their ring, Joe Jurevicius' new baby, etc.) in reports leading up to the game.

And during the game, the production crew missed cues, missed bringing the drama back to the game and missed keeping people tuned in. How many times in the past have Super Bowl flyovers been missed? How come the ABC crew botched coverage of such a normal happening?

The Super Bowl became one big commercial this year with the game as the sideshow and the players an afterthought. Of course, this has been the norm for years in the NFL, but we have gotten past that problem with good games mixed in with bad over the last few seasons.

Whoever produced this mess shouldn't be allowed back into the broadcast booth.
-- John Fontana, Palm Harbor

The Bucs won definitively, not providing much offense and not really needing it. But the sideline prancing around with time still left in the game is really bush. (They did it against the Eagles but not as bad). Sapp, the egomaniac, was caught in the middle of his sideline antics turning around surprised as Dexter Jackson ran by him for the final score. Gee, Warren, there was still a game going on. Kids and families on the field with about two minutes left. How disrespectful.
-- Bill Ackerman, Homosassa

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