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Letters to the Editors

Punish mangrove cutting

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published February 5, 2003

Re: Cutting of mangroves creates a fine mess, story, Jan. 31.

I am sickened, saddened and angry looking at the result of what the Andolinos have done by illegally cutting mangroves. The utter arrogance of these people to destroy what belongs to us all for their "view" is repugnant and blatantly illegal. The fine should be unapologetically the highest possible amount, and even that will not be enough.

The consequences to the Andolinos will not be "revenge," as they are whining about. It really won't even be justice, but maybe it will be a deterrent to others. The county commissioners need to stand fast on this issue; they are our voice.
-- Diana H. Davis, Largo

Rename Dunedin street for King

Re: Small street may bear large legacy, story, Feb. 2.

As a resident of downtown Dunedin, I am continually being reminded of the two Highland Avenues: one in Clearwater and one in Dunedin. Why not rename Dunedin's Highland to M.L. King Street? It would make a big difference in helping people find where they are going and would fulfill the requirement of a major street to honor Martin Luther King Jr.
-- Jane Torell, Dunedin

Booklet provides facts on center

Re: Art lovers' mecca: Primping for big debut, story, Jan. 26.

I would advise any staff writer of the Times who writes an article concerning Ruth Eckerd Hall to obtain and read a booklet titled, The First Ten Years of PACT.

I can't imagine where your staff writer obtained her misinformation concerning the building which has served as the Education Center at Ruth Eckerd Hall. The building she referred to was never a storage shed, but a partially built, two-unit condo. Further, it was never used for storage during the construction of the hall. The building was still under development as part of the condominium complex adjacent to Ruth Eckerd Hall more than a year after the hall was open.

This condo unit was originally considered for additional office space, of which there was never enough. When viewed by executive director Arnold Breman, operations manager Dan Wooley and education director Mary Lou Franz, the need for office space was forgotten and an education center was visualized by all three.

PACT board member and architect Don Williams redesigned the building, and the Education Center became a reality.

Page 28 of The First Ten Years of PACT would have told you all of this.
-- Howard G. Groth, Clearwater

Experienced commissioners needed

On Feb. 2 the Times recommended two candidates for election to the Dunedin City Commission. If elected, in time, no doubt, the candidates recommended by you will be good commissioners.

However, I don't believe the commission needs a rookie majority as would be the case if both of your recommendations are elected to office, since the city already has one commissioner with a short period of elected service. There are many issues which the commission will have to face over the next three years that will test the most experienced person.
-- Bill Allen, Dunedin

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