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published February 10, 2003

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One-wheeled wonders

I've got Segway fever, but mine is nowhere to be found. My guess is I'll get the thing when they're passe. I'll be forced to stand in line for the next hot gadget, only to have my dreams dashed and forced to live out the consumer version of the American Nightmare. Or maybe I'll forgo the deposit and just get one of these scary-yet-enthralling motorized unicycles. In essence, it's a huge tire with a man and an engine almost inside. The low center of gravity looks as if it stops you from falling over. But I have a propensity to bash my vehicles into things such as walls and other vehicles. Read the history of the motor wheel here and learn how for a mere $8,000 or so you can have one of your very own.

May the text be with you


I've been sitting on this one for such a long time and itching to share it with you, dear reader. I can't wait any longer. Type in the address and a window opens so you can enjoy a text version of the movie Star Wars. I've tested it on OS X, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Linux. And I still can't believe that somebody would have this much time on his hands to put this kind of thing together. It's a fun time, as well as modem friendly.

Mail tamer

I subscribe to tons of mailing lists, and e-mail is the primary conduit for communicating with my clients. So, to tame it a tad, I learned something called procmail, a hairy way of bossing mail around based on content. Ah, but how times change. If your e-mail program doesn't have built-in mail filtering, this free program might be just what the doctor ordered. There's an easy-to-use Windows installer, and a more advanced version for techies.

As the old saying goes

A large part of speaking English is parroting back things we've forgotten the meaning of. Some sayings have been burned into our speech patterns. This site takes what have become cliches in many instances and translate them. Why do we have to know which way the wind blows or have to go the whole nine yards? There's more than one way to skin a cat, you know?

You see me?

There are some great products for letting somebody else see your Mac's screen from a remote location. Timbuktu springs to mind and so does the free VNC. Both, though, require you to either buy or download and configure software on both ends. It's not something that your Aunt Shirley is going to do in a pinch (if ever). But all is not lost. Using this whizzy, free program, you install the software and your nontechnical friends get to see your screen with a browser. Why not make a small donation if you find it indispensable?

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