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Video Game Reviews

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published February 10, 2003

Conflict: Desert Storm

Conflict: Desert Storm is an action-arcade game about, well, Desert Storm. Based on the 1991 Gulf War, the game allows you to battle Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi forces as the commander of a four-man squad from the elite U.S. Delta Force or British Special Air Service.

The game consists of 15 long, difficult missions where you and your squad go behind enemy lines to infiltrate, destroy, kill and acquire vital information. Gotham Games recruited a former SAS commander who fought in Desert Storm to advise it on development of military tactics you may use while playing the game and on creation of the warfare environment. That makes for very realistic game play.

However, the graphics in Conflict: Desert Storm are not the best I have seen. They are slightly blocky, and the explosions don't look real.

The sound effects are superb. They sound exactly like what you would expect. The music also fits the game play well.

Overall, Conflict: Desert Storm is one of the best and most realistic war games ever made. I encourage people who enjoy shooting and war games to buy this one. You will be entertained for many hours.

-- SCOTT STEINLE, Times correspondent

FIFA Soccer 2003

FIFA Soccer 2003 is a must-have for every soccer game enthusiast. With 18 leagues (and up to 39 teams each), potential matchups are endless. National and international teams include up-to-date rosters and player information. The game boasts outstanding graphics (especially fun are the players' facial expressions) and provides many options, from weather conditions to stadium sites.

Anyone can play this game, from beginner to advanced, but to truly master the skills requires practice. To less-experienced players, the controls may be difficult at first but get easier as you get the hang of it.

FIFA Soccer 2003 has excellent game play, including player cutbacks, centering crosses, bicycle kicks and headers. The crowd's cheers and jeers give you the feel of being at the game. Specific shot targeting allows for pinpoint accuracy on free kicks, including locations within the goal.

This game is definitely a rent, but serious soccer game players will want to add this to their collection. Put this one on your holiday wish list.

-- ADAM SHEPPARD, Times correspondent

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