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Digital Life

Going online by the numbers

Compiled from Times wires
© St. Petersburg Times
published February 17, 2003

The number of adults logging online in the United States has increased from 17.5-million in 1995 to 140-million by the end of 2002. Though more people are online, we're still spending about seven hours a week logged on -- the same amount as in 1999, the earliest that figures are available. Who's online and how do they get online?

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22 percent of all adults going online are age 18-29; 20 percent are age 30-39; 21 percent, 40-49; 20 percent, 50-64; and 16 percent, 65 and older.

52 percent are women

75 percent are white; 11 percent, black; and 10 percent, Hispanic.

47 percent have a high school education or less; 27 percent have some college; and 24 percent are college graduates.

27 percent of adults going online in November and December had broadband connections, such as cable modem, digital subscriber lines or T1 lines.

29 percent of adults online during that same time used 56K dialup modems, while 5 percent use 28.8K modems; 2 percent, 33.6K modems; and 2 percent, 14.4K modems.

-- Harris Interactive poll of more than 2,033 adults surveyed in telephone interviews during November and December.

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