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It's hard to be Woods' rival, but Big Easy can do it

By HUBERT MIZELL, Times Sports Columnist

© St. Petersburg Times, published February 23, 2003

David Duval came close, winning a British Open, but the Jacksonville fellow couldn't take Tiger Heat. He saw Double D melt down, a contender drizzling back among the golfing pack.

Surely, it seemed, Phil Mickelson would be the one. Power so prodigious. Deft short game. Gutsy flair. Outspoken desire.

But the Lefty mind, with repeated misjudgments, proved to be on a planet far removed from Woods Galaxy. Last week in San Diego, with The Man returning from knee surgery, Phil would flail as Tiger cruised.

In a continuing search for a historic, enthralling rivalry, we turn to The Big Easy, the gent from South Africa who might've been the most logical choice all along.

Ernie Els, more than Mickelson or Duval, has the package of controlled tee-ball smack, delicate touch and mental aplomb to challenge and, with a hint of regularity, beat the gifted, dominant Tiger Woods.

But we'll see.

At 33, Els has deep-dish major-championship abilities. Winner of the U.S. Open in 1994 and again in 1997, plus the British Open in the summer. He now shoulders up to Woods for what might at last be The Rivalry. Tiger's year is off to 1-for-1 splendor, but that's a short stack compared to the Els feast of '03.

Ernie is doing Tiger-like stuff. In five tournaments around the world, including two PGA Tour chances, Easy has won four times with a startling per-round average of 5 under par.

Woods has noticed. That's a sure thing, as the champ keeps eyes alert for legitimate contenders. It will add octane to Tiger's professional energies. This could make No. 1 even better.

It's all steering for Augusta.

These are two bright, admirable, well-spoken athletes and if their head-to-head scrimmage does evolve into the extraordinary, at the Masters in April with the U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship to follow, it could deliver the biggest, hottest mano-a-mano charm ever.

More than Hogan-Snead.

Above even Nicklaus-Palmer.

It's still to be shown if Els, on a repetitive major basis, can consistently run astride of Woods. But the physical and mental capabilities are there, as well as a strong track record on the biggest of golfing stages.

If it's ever going to happen for Ernie, now is the time. He's six years older than Tiger. So, what if, between now and 2010, we could see Woods and Els in frequent sword-on-sword combat, with each winning four or five majors.

You had a shot, David.

Envy them, Lefty.

Ernie is king of Tiger chase.

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