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Dear Diary . . .

© St. Petersburg Times, published February 23, 2003

Excerpts from a Bob Graham notebook.

(Editor's notes in italic.)

* * *

Log 9.17.02 (Tuesday)

6:50 Awake at 3 ST TH (181) (his weight)

6:50-7:00 Apply scalp medication

7:00-7:40 Kitchen -- brew coffee -- prepare and drink breakfast (soy, skim milk, OJ, peach, banana, blueberries)

-- read Post

-- dress in gray suit

* * *

8:00 Al Cumming -- have not received CIA answers to Iraq Qs

8:15-8:20 Walk to HSOB (Hart Senate Office Building)

8:20 Hart SOB 524

-- transfer dictation to Beth Powers

8:25-9:00 Priorities review w Bryant Hall, Buddy Menn, Paul Anderson, John Provenzano

9:00-10:05 Hart SOB 219 -- conference room

-- briefing on Iraq, Cuba, DHS with Al Cumming, Bob Filippone, Lorenzo

10:05 Dirksen SOB 226

-- mingle

10:15 International Drug Caucus hearing on Andean Regional Initiative

12:10-12:20 Walk, elevator, subway to Capitol w Buddy Menn -- discuss EEF, Florida Gov's race

12:20-1:10 Capitol S-104

12:20-12:35 Review status of Apalachicola River + Forest, Miami Circle, Virginia Key beach w Amanda Wood, Kasey Gillette, Zev Simpser (Graham's environmental staffers)

12:35-1:00 Briefing on prescription drugs w Lisa Layman, Bryant Hall

1:00-1:10 Caroline Berver, Bryant Hall re Haitian detainees

1:10-2:15 Capitol S-211 (LBJ Room)

-- Demo caucus luncheon (salmon)

-- topics discussed: state of US economy -- DHS (Department Homeland Security) -- Iraq

2:15-2:25 Walk to HSOB w Senator Jay Rockeller -- discuss JIC (Joint Inquiry Committee) hearing on 9.19.02

2:25 Hart SOB 219

-- mingle

2:35-4:35 SSCI closed hearing on Iraq

-- witness: DCI George Tenet

4:55 conference room

4:55-5:00 Paul Anderson -- re JIC opening statement

5:00-5:35 George Tenet

(at 5:10) MC Goss & Pelosi; Senator Shelby; Stan Moskowitz (CIA congressional liaison)

-- re: WH cooperation

5:25-5:35 Walk, elevator, subway to Capitol

5:35-5:40 Senate chamber

-- vote aye on cloture on DHS

-- talk w Senator Miller re prescription drugs

5:40-6:30 Capitol H405

-- 5:40 John Provenzano will bring dry cleaning, reading materials to 3 ST TH

-- 5:45 Buddy Shorstein -- LVM (left voice mail)

-- 5:50 Geoff Garin -- w/CB (will call back) at H

-- 5:55-6:30 JIC Leadership: Senator Shelby, MC Goss, Pelosi, Eleanor Hill

-- review 9.18.02 format, schedule

-- 6:30 cloakroom -- no votes

6:30-6:45 Walk, elevator, subway to Florida House via HSOB

6:45-7:40 at Florida House -- attend reception hosted by (Cuban exile group that presented him with an award)

-- mingle

-- receive

-- intro MC Ike Skelton

7:40-7:45 Walk to 3 ST TH w John Provenzano

-- 7:40 Paul Kelly (asst sec of state) -- Deputy Secretary Armitage will appear 9.19? or Wolfowitz

7:45 3 St TH kitchen

-- drink supper -- see 9.17.02 7:00 a.m.

-- read news clips

8:30 Buddy Shorstein re: Governor's race; EEF (Educational Excellence for Florida, the ballot amendment Graham had developed to bring back the Board of Regents)

8:40-8:50 -- 3 St TH bedroom, bathroom

-- change to blue shorts

-- apply scalp medication

8:50-10:50 3 ST TH office

8:50-9:00 -- update notebook

9:00-10:50 review staff memos, miscellaneous dictation

9:30 Geoff Garin -- EEF poll

9:45 Adele -- OK w ML

10:50-11:15 3 St TH bedroom, bathroom

-- shower+ dress for sleep

-- read Post

11:20 Asleep at 3 St TH

* * *

(To-Do List begins here)

Drug Caucus 10:15 A


-- Don Evans, secretary of commerce, place for implementation of Andean Trade Pack

-- schedule night with SouthCom

* * *


-- has there been a reduction of Afghan supply?

-- if so, effect on Colombia?

-- to date, FARC ELN (Colombian rebel groups) have been primarily involved with coke -- concern that heroin profits will be irresistible


is fracturing

still heavily engaged drug trafficking

SouthCom -- wait and see

* * *

EEF (Notes from his conversation about a poll on his ballot amendment on the Board of Regents. It showed relatively low awareness of the amendment.)

knowledge of EEF

15% is a lot of fair amount

19% some

65% not much at all

* * *

("To Do" lists for his staffers)

* * *

Bob Filippone

O Secure e-mail w request for information re Iraq

Mark Block

Paul Anderson

O Jim Lehrer NewsHour -- video of 9.18.02 show

* * *

Buddy Menn

O Colonel Ted Pusey (Army liaison officer)

O Office projects

-- format for presentation (To improve efficiency of the office, Graham has a centralized database that tracks projects)

-- topics

* * *


(None listed this day)

* * *

Things to do 9.17.02


-- Dick Clark (official at Aspen Institute, a think tank) re Islam presentation

-- International intelligence collaboration

-- Interpol

-- Paul Wolfowitz re 9.19.02 panel FBI Director Bob Mueller

-- agents behind screen

-- Newt Gingrich

-- Pat Moynihan

* * *


-- Joan Ruffier (former member of Board of Regents, co-chair of EEF campaign)

-- collaborative campaign

-- Carol Shields

* * *

O Prescription drugs

* * *

O Medicare

-- 3 item package with reimbursement of providers bill

-- Senator Phil Gramm -- co-sponsor -- secure memo on amendment

* * *

O 'Night of the Hunter' rec by JRM

O Mrs. LeRoy Collins -- broken hand

O Undersecretary of DOD for int'l

-- Senator Warner -- call General Scowcroft

-- Senator Lugar -- solicit his support -- concern for DHS

O Senator Blanche Lincoln

-- Suzanne -- Margarita Party

O Senator Kennedy per AFT (American Federation of Teachers) $4.5 b ed approps (Graham apparently wanted to talk to Kennedy about the $4.5-billion education appropriations bill)

Famous diaries

Diary of George Washington

April 9, 1760, Wednesday

Wind at No. Et. Very Cloudy and sometimes Misty.

The Heavy Rains that had fallen in this few days past had made the Ground too wet for Plowing; I therefore set about the Fence which Incloses my Clover Field.

Doctr. Laurie came here. I may add Drunk.

* * *

Boyhood diary of John Quincy Adams

Jan. 3, 1780, Monday, during his trip to Astorga, Spain

As for the People they are Lazy, dirty, Nasty and in short I can compare them to nothing but a parcel of hogs. Their cloaths are commonly of a dirt colour and their Breeches are big enough for to put a bushel of Corn in besides themselves. I do not wonder at it. Poor Creatures they are eat up by their preists. Near three quarters of what they earn goes to the Preists and with the other Quarter they must live as they can. Thus is the whole of this Kingdom deceived and deluded by their Religion. I thank Almighty God that I was born in a Country where any body may get a good living if they Please.

* * *

Boyhood diary of Theodore Roosevelt

Nov. 14, 1869, Paris

I was sick and did not go out except for my russian bath. I and mama and Papa had a sociable time by the fire with my stampbook.

* * *

Diary of Anne Morrow Lindbergh

January 1928

He is great not because he crossed the ocean alone. He might have shown his genius in some other way. This explains the mad devotion to him. The flight gave him to the world. He is not a type of anything, as the newspapers have made him. Keen, intelligent, burning, thinking on all lines -- the intensity of light, burning, thinking on all lines -- The intensity of life, burning like like a bright fire in his eyes. Life focused in him -- When he in turn focuses his life, power, force on anything, amazing things happen.

* * *

Diary of Sen. Bob Packwood

March 20, 1992

Came to the office and got most of the work done that I had to do. Went down and used the hot tub for 20 minutes. I had already showered and shaved. I came out and I tried something. I just blew my hair. I didn't use any gel on it at all. I just blew it until it was about dry, combed it, and if it didn't come out looking just right. It had just the right amount of bounce to it and wave to it. I came back rather confident.

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