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Letters to the Editors

Your turn

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 2, 2003

Rays should live in the real world

Your Pay scale isn't sitting well with younger Devil Rays players article on Feb. 23 isn't sitting well with me. Since when isn't $300,000 a year good enough? All I have to say is those players ought to try and get a regular job and see what they get paid.
-- Greg Fudala, Largo

No more excuses, Lightning

Okay, Bolts, enough with the coulda, shoulda, woulda. Pass the puck effectively and bury the breakaways, otherwise you can schedule tee times in April.
-- David Lubin, Tampa

Golf should have stayed on ABC

I was surprised that ABC switched coverage to ESPN during the second hole of sudden death of the Nissan Open. I do not subscribe to ESPN and I missed the exciting outcome. I have e-mailed ABC Sports that I intend to boycott their advertisers as a result of the action. I also suspect that if Tiger had been in the playoff, the regular network coverage would have continued.
-- Campbell Koehn Jr., New Port Richey

Boxing continues its tradition

Once again the sports fans got scammed. Mike Tyson was handed a loser to get into the ring with and the boxing fans paid millions to see this farce. When are they going to wake up?
-- John M. Chalakee, via e-mail

Good job on Grand Prix Coverage

I just wanted to congratulate you on your thorough and professional coverage of the CART race. Your coverage should be a benchmark by which others compare themselves (hint, hint).
-- Peter Gudaitis, via e-mail

Here's hoping race returns

I have been an Indy car fan since the days of Mario Andretti and A.J. Foyt, back before the split (CART and IRL). I thought the St. Petersburg Grand Prix was great. It was refreshing to read so much open wheel coverage in your newspaper. I would like to see it continue. I thought Speed Channel did a good job as well. I hope the race comes back to St. Petersburg for many, many years.
-- Billy Prezioso, Port Richey

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