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Online: Reports from a region in conflict
Reports from a region in conflict

by John Pendygraft, Times staff photographer
Last names of interviewees are not used for security reasons.
John Pendygraft

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Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-365

A interview with
"Capt. Brad" from HMM 365 Marine Helicopter Squad from New River, N.C.
"Capt. Brad" talks about communication with his family at home.
"Capt. Brad" talks about being a pilot.
John asks "Capt. Brad" about the use of gas masks.
John talks with "1st Lt. Dan" from Tampa about seeing the Bucs win the Super Bowl, and then being shipped out.
"1st Lt. Dan" talks about flying.
"1st Lt. Dan" says hello to his family and mayor of Tampa
"Major Tony" talks about the types of duties thay do.
"Major Tony" talks about what they do to pass the time. "Choir Practice" is what the pilots call a nightly poker game in the officers' tent.
"Major Tony" talks about his wife.

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Times audio: John Pendygraft, Audio editing: Jack Rowland, Multimedia: Desiree Perry

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