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Letters to the Editors

Brown-Waite is just grandstanding

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published March 16, 2003

Editor: Re: Bring war dead home, bill says:

Ginny Brown-Waite's proposal to bring home from France our war dead is very bad. It is nothing but political opportunism, thinly disguised by the American flag in which she has wrapped herself. No matter what she thinks of France, it has nothing to do with our war dead.

Those dead are already in "patriotic soil," to use her term. To move them for political gain is disgraceful.

Clearly, Brown-Waite didn't give her proposal any serious thought.
-- Bill Donofrio, Spring Hill

War dead bill is 'stupid'

Editor: The knee-jerk reaction to everything French is about what we could expect from the people who are responsible. Now Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite, R-Brooksville, has jumped on the bandwagon by her sponsorship of a bill to bring home all the U.S. soldiers buried in France.

Our deficit is apparently not high enough. Does she realize the cost of such a stupid bill? Why doesn't she sponsor a bill to eliminate the French Quarter in New Orleans? Why not return the Statue of Liberty to France, or rename all the French-sounding names of cities, towns, streets, schools, etc., etc.?


Don't blame the French for objecting to war. They have had a good taste of war and it was bitter. I don't want war, either. That doesn't mean I'm for Saddam Hussein. I do support our troops. They should be brought home and I said so while demonstrating for NO WAR last weekend. I received much encouragement, some derogatory remarks and a few one-finger salutes. I just don't understand a thumbs-down reaction to a message of NO WAR and Support Our Troops -- Bring Them Home.

One person asked about the terrorists of 9/11. To answer that question, I would say there were no Iraqis involved in 9/11. They were Saudis. It seems many of those who are clamoring for war, are unwilling to enlist, have not been through a war or lost loved ones in war. My husband served in the South Pacific during World War II. I have family members in Kuwait right now and I want them home where they belong. Give the inspectors all the time they need and have more inspectors, if necessary. War is not the answer.
-- Carolynne Paul, Brooksville

Brown-Waite merely toes party line

Editor: Re: Don't listen to rhetoric of a failed competitor, March 11 letter to the editor:

In response to Ana Trinque, I was at Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite's Brooksville meeting. All Brown-Waite did was to parrot the position of the Bush Administration on the issue of the war with Iraq.

She was ignorant of issues concerning the war that I brought up to her, in particular, the American use of radioactive material in the bombs and bullets they will be using in Iraq that have a half-life of millions of years and will lead to increased rates of cancers and birth defects in innocent Iraqi women and children. (The U.S. used the same weapons in the 1991 Persian Gulf War.)

She was also incapable of justifying her position on this war. I challenge Brown-Waite to debate me on any occasion in any venue on the issue of this proposed war. I don't believe she will accept this because she does not know what she is talking about. On the issue of the Bush tax cut plan, Brown-Waite spoke in glowing words of the plan, neglecting to note that the Bush camp has run up a $240-billion deficit for 2002 and has added another $94-billion for the first quarter of 2003, as well as the prospect of adding another $100- to $500-billion for the war and $100-billion for his tax cut plan.

Bush is putting us in a hole that our children's children will be digging us out of. But Brown Waite doesn't tell us any of this. She should be embarrassed by her behavior. The citizens of this county deserve more from an elected official. We deserve someone who works to tell the truth about questions she is asked, not someone who hides behind a political agenda.
-- Joe Lemieux, Spring Hill

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