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Mean cuisine

By WES ALLISON, Times Staff Writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 19, 2003

Soldiers who survive for weeks at a time on MREs have come up with some interesting ways to use the various components.

"Just make something up and try it out," says Pvt. Coty Stafford, 19, of Baton Rouge, La., when asked the secret of making the most of an MRE. "Everybody makes something up."

Here are three favorite recipes:

Ranger Pudding

1 package cocoa mix

1 package nondairy creamer

A little water

Mix ingredients together. Enjoy!

Toffee Ball

1 packet instant coffee

1 packet nondairy creamer

Half packet sugar

Mix in foil pouch. Heat with lighter until firm.

PB&J Sandwich

1 packet peanut butter

1 packet jelly

2 pieces "wheat snack bread"

Don't be fooled. This simple dish requires planning and restraint.

Several MREs come with peanut butter, one or two come with jelly, but none comes with both. Save the first packet you get; wait for the second.

The bread also is an infrequent offering, so it may take several days to get both pieces.

Serve with plenty of water.

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