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Kickin' back with Marquis Daniels

Daniels is down with T-Mac, but not Marines

This is Auburn star forward Marquis Daniels, an Orlando native and close friend of Magic star Tracy McGrady. He has a take or two on T-Mac, war, his game, Malcolm X, Tupac and the story of the Creation.

By ROGER MILLS, Times Staff Writer

© St. Petersburg Times, published March 23, 2003

RM: God says you can be one pro athlete, who would you choose?

MD: I have a lot of respect for T-Mac. I like the way he plays as well as how he carries himself. As well as me being from Orlando, we're good friends and he does everything that's right for his team on and off the court.

RM: So you pattern your game after him?

MD: After T-Mac? Hmmmm ... I would never tell him that, but I try to play my game the way he plays.

RM: Why wouldn't you tell him?

MD: Nah. ... He knows it. I don't want him to think about it and have that over me. He's my inspiration though. He carries himself the way I want to. He plays hard. I talked to him a couple of days ago and he told me to go have fun, and that's what I'm trying to do.

RM: What did you dream about (Thursday night before the win over Saint Joseph's)?

MD: To tell you the truth, I actually didn't sleep much. But when I did, I just dreamt about playing. I dreamt about winning the game.

RM: What are you likely to dream about (Saturday) night?

MD: Winning again. Pretty simple.

RM: What do you think about the war?

MD: It's a sad situation. You have to support our President in whatever decision he has made. It's got to be a tough call for him to go over there and try to raise Saddam out of his seat. It's not just going to affect his life, but a lot of lives of a lot of soldiers. The casualties could be a lot. So all we can do is be with them in our hearts and souls and hope for them.

RM: Could you be a Marine?

MD: No. No way. You've got to have too much courage and bravery. When the bullets are flying at you, it's a whole different story.

RM: Pick someone in this locker room to be the next president.

MD: (Team manager) Jeffrey Hood. He's just politically correct. Look at him. He's the guy with the bow tie on all the time. I think he would be a great president.

RM: What's your game on the Auburn dinner menu?

MD: I'm steak. I can give it to you rare. I can give it to you medium well. I can give it to you well done. Any way you want.

RM: Tell me which historical personality you would like to be.

MD: Anybody?

RM: Anybody.

MD: I would like to be Malcolm X.

RM: Why?

MD: He was a great leader. He was a great thinker as well.

RM: But he had some enemies.

MD: Jesus had enemies.

RM: True, but he ended up on a cross.

MD: Right. But Malcolm basically did what he thought was right and people didn't want to hear that. (Back then) a lot of people were scared to say what they felt and to express themselves. He was fortunate enough to be able to do that.

RM: I'm curious, how does Tupac keep making music when he's been dead for two years?

MD: It's crazy. A lot of people say he's in Cuba somewhere. But seriously, rappers have a lot of music that they haven't produced yet, and I know Tupac had a lot.

RM: Marquis, he's been dead for years.

MD: He has released like four albums. I know I heard a song that he had with Trick (Daddy) down here in Florida, and they were never together. It's weird.

RM: When you think about guys like Michael Jackson and R Kelly, what do you think?

MD: 21 and up ... They still make great music. I still support them.

RM: But it apparently isn't always 21 and up.

MD: That's bad. They shouldn't be doing that.

RM: Last book you read?

MD: I don't read a lot, but I read the Bible all the time.

RM: Best story in the Bible?

MD: I like the story of (Abraham). He had to sacrifice a lot. He had to almost put up his son.

RM: Finish this, 'Biggie, Biggie, Biggie, can't you see ...

MD: Sometimes the words just hypnotize me.

RM: What ticks you off?

MD: I don't like guys who take life for granted. They never take anything serious and laugh and play and throw their lives away when they have an opportunity to be some(thing).

RM: So you read the Bible a lot?

MD: I know a lot about the Bible.

RM: Okay, how long was the first day of creation?

MD: You mean the first day, when he made the heavens and earth?

RM: Yup. ... Well, how long is a day now?

MD: A day now is 24 hours (the time it takes the earth to go around the sun).

RM: So, how long were the first few days in the Bible?

MD: I don't know. You're putting me on a spot.

RM: Here's why. God didn't create the sun until the third day, so the first day could have been any length of time.

MD: It could have been more than 24 hours. It could have been 28 hours.

RM: It could have been 28-million hours.

MD: You have a great point. ... It also doesn't say when he made it on the third day. He could have made it in the middle of the third day, at the end of the third day. Who knows?

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