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Letters to the Editors

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© St. Petersburg Times, published March 23, 2003

Father knows best about Andreychuk column

I have just read Gary Shelton's column on Dave Andreychuk (Capt. Lightning to the rescue, Tuesday). In the 20-plus years that Dave has played in the NHL, this article sums up Dave's career best. Of all the milestones, records and accolades he has received, this year has been the epitome of his years in hockey. This is the first time a story written about Dave is a true recognition of his contribution to hockey.
-- Julian Andreychuk (Dave's dad), via e-mail

Time to improve Lightning coverage

As the Tampa Bay Lightning took over sole possession of first place in their division and the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference, I was a bit disappointed in the Times coverage. It seemed as though it was business as usual as far as the coverage of this story.

This is a very big deal, and I don't think the Times did it justice. I have been to the World Series, a Super Bowl and an NBA Championships and there never has been a more electric sporting event than a Stanley Cup playoff game, especially the final. As the Lightning ventures where it has never been before, let's give it the coverage and encouragement it deserves.
-- Billy Smith, Clearwater

Lightning brings back memories of 1996

After seeing the Lightning come from behind to beat Colorado, it reminded me of Tampa Bay's overtime win in the 1996 playoffs. I fell in love with hockey when Alex Selivanov scored that overtime goal to beat the Flyers, and I have been waiting for that "fix" ever since. I could sum up in one word the atmosphere at the Times Forum that Friday -- electric. All the euphoria of that win rivaled the feelings I had leaving the dome after the '96 playoff win.

Jay Feaster, John Tortorella, thank you. Thank you for making me forget Craig Janney. Thank you for making me forget Bill Ranford. Thank you for making me feel like anything is possible. Everyone said just make the playoffs. Not only will they make the playoffs, but with the hottest goaltender, and the possibility of having a home ice advantage with a division title, anything is possible. Get behind them, Tampa Bay, start wearing those jerseys in public again, dig those hats out of your closets and let's show this team that we are behind them. If the Times Forum is electric, anything is possible.
-- Gary Knuth, Holiday

What if the General had no clothes?

I am a lifetime Indiana University basketball fan. I had hoped that with Bob Knight's exile to Texas that he would just go away. But no. He pulls another stunt (rejected his $250,000 base salary) and good ol' buddy Hubert Mizell gushes all over the Times (Underachievers should note Bob Knight's gesture, Sunday). I wonder if Bobby showed up naked on court if Hubert would compliment the General on his clothing.
-- Alan Miller, Indian Shores

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