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British TV reporter believed dead

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March 24, 2003

LONDON -- British television news reporter Terry Lloyd, who had disappeared in southern Iraq, was believed to have been killed by friendly fire, his employer said Sunday.

ITN television news network said that Lloyd and two colleagues apparently were caught in the barrage Saturday and that it "received sufficient evidence" that Lloyd was dead.

"We believe his body to be in Basra hospital, which is still under Iraqi control," a network statement said.

ITN said it still had no information on the whereabouts of Lloyd's missing colleagues, cameraman Fred Nerac, of Belgium, and translator Hussein Osman, of Lebanon.

Also Saturday, Paul Moran, 39, a freelance cameraman with the Australian Broadcasting Corp., was among at least five people killed by a car bomb at a checkpoint near a camp of Ansar al-Islam, a militant group linked to al-Qaida.

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