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Online: Reports from a region in conflict
Reports from a region in conflict

After the memorial service
by John Pendygraft, Times staff photographer
An interview with Capt. Dominic Harris, a pilot from HMM 268, who knew the crew that died in the helicopter crash last week. He talks about they deal with downed and lost pilots, on a personal level. The audio was recorded after the memorial service for those who died.
John Pendygraft

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Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-365

Capt. Dominic Harris talks about learning of the crash from the BBC short wave radio.  
"You cherish the moments."
"The best thing to do is to keep yourself busy."
"When there's down time and when we get back to the states, that's when there will be time to reflect and remember them."

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Times audio: John Pendygraft, Audio editing: Jack Rowland, Multimedia: Desiree Perry


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