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Online: Reports from a region in conflict
Reports from a region in conflict

Flags for home
by John Pendygraft, Times staff photographer

[Times photo: John Pendygraft]
In Iraq: Aboard a CH-46 helicoper, Sgt. Michael Hnyla, center, and 1st Lt. Brandon Whitfield, fold an American flag as they wait for better weather. Hnyla brought three flags as gifts for his father, grandfather and son. He plans to fly them outside the helicopter during missions in Iraq.

Sgt. Michael Hnyla talks about the flags he brought to Iraq.   photo
John Pendygraft

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Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron-365

Hnyla talks about his family.
Hnyla talks about the flag for his son and the values he hope to pass on to him.
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Times audio: John Pendygraft, Audio editing: Jack Rowland, Multimedia: Desiree Perry


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