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Letters to the Editors

Rays will turn it around

© St. Petersburg Times, published April 13, 2003

Bottom of the ninth, two outs, a man on first. Rays down by a run. On a 2-and-1 pitch, the runner is off. What's wrong with this picture? Not a thing. They are playing Piniella Ball. Given time, this man will turn this team around. It might not be this year, but it will happen. First it was the Bucs, then the Lightning. After that, it will be the Rays' turn. The runner took third on an error, and even though they couldn't bring him home, it was the effort that made it worthwhile. That's been missing from previous managers.
-- Gary Feifer, Holiday

Another second-rate decision

For a franchise trying to expand its fan base, someone with the Rays made a boneheaded decision in signing with the Pax network, knowing all satellite viewers would not be able to receive games. If the Rays want support, they need to quit being a second-rate organization.
-- Judy Meagley, Brandon

Had enough of NASCAR

What about the two-faced ruling on Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s yellow-line pass? The same thing happened at a race last year. Tony Stewart was penalized for it then; Earnhardt wasn't. I am sending a letter to NASCAR to let them know I have had enough. I'll no longer be a Winston Cup fan. I give up.
-- Michael Berry, Pinellas Park

Griffey's extra effort too costly

I had the opportunity to shake hands with Ken Griffey Jr. a while back. My first impression (and I trust first impressions) was of a delightful human being.

There was a joy and love of life evident in his demeanor.

Unfortunately, he seems to also have a reckless disregard for his safety. He attempts to make impossible plays, and too many times the result is a serious injury, the latest one being a prime example. He missed the ball by a foot and the extra effort has put him out of the game once again.

I mourn the career that might have been and hope that, when he returns, he'll pick his battles a little more carefully.
-- Jim Carling, St. Petersburg

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