I Live Here

A nice place to grow up is now a nice place to settle down. Especially when neighbors are also family.

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published April 25, 2003

I moved to Valrico in 1969 from Auburndale. I was in my first year of high school. I was really devastated about moving. My parents helped by buying my brother and me horses to ride.

Valrico back then was mostly dirt roads and orange groves. We kids would get up some mornings and ride horses all day from our home on Miller Road. Those were the good old days. Sometimes we would ride to the Alafia River and swim with our horses. It was really a nice place to grow up.

Just after I moved here a big pasture across the street from our house caught fire. Dad and I ran across the street and tried to help the owners put the fire out. We finally had to call the forestry department, but something very important happened because of that fire. I met my neighbors, who became lifelong friends. The husband became a fishing buddy and officiated my marriage ceremony. He and his wife also took me on a trip to the Holy Land.

Neighbors are important; they help and are helped.

Two of my closest neighbors are my mom and dad and my brother and his family. They have homes on either side of my wife's and my home.

For us old-timers it is sad to see the countryside torn up with subdivision after subdivision. Sometimes I wonder what kind of work these people do. Where are they coming from? Do we have enough water and road development for these masses?

Even with all the people and development Valrico is still a very nice community to live in. Store and restaurants have discovered the unique location and possibilities of being located in Valrico. Our community is centrally located. We are close to Tampa and the gulf beaches and the attractions in Orlando.

- Dennis Brooks lives on Triple Brooks Drive in Valrico.