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Share your love of all things Hawaiian

Published June 14, 2003

Aloha! No, this week's column is not, unfortunately, coming your way from a sandy beach in the mid Pacific; one of our readers began her request with that welcoming word, and it seemed a pleasant way to start the day.

Actually, Maryanne (Meleana) Freeman of New Port Richey had a good reason for greeting us Hawaiian-style. Last year she acquired a treasury of Hawaiian music titled King's Songs of Hawaii, and she would love to find the accompanying book, King's Book of Hawaiian Melodies, by Charles E. King. The book was published in 1950 by Hansen House, 1860 West Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Obviously a real island gal, Maryanne is interested in acquiring Hawaiian artifacts, books, music, language books, pictures, anything that will help her learn more about the 50th state's culture and language. If you're over your Hawaiian phase and need to make room for your Sicilian collection, please call (727) 841-7631.

A couple of times in the past, we have run queries from readers who were trying to track down stories they read in the past and would like to read again - if they could locate them. We don't know how successful our efforts have been, but we have another request, and we're game to try again.

About 10 years ago, Pamela Bailey of Tampa read a book she loved but can't find in her personal library. Although she doesn't recall either the title or author, she remembers that the author was popular and had written other books.

Everyone ready to play Name That Story Line? Here goes. The main character in our novel is named Coco, and the plot unwinds (as do so many!) in Washington, D.C. Coco, lucky thing, has the summer off, so she hopes to write a book. (We'd go to Hawaii!) She is married, with kids (and she thinks she'll write a book?), but she learns that her husband is having an affair with a woman named Sylvia.

Is this ringing any bells? Pamela writes that the story was well-written and fun to read, so any tips you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Please call 813 249-1133.

This year music has been a major theme in many of the requests that have popped through our old mail slot: organs, sheet music for piano and, most oddly, mandolins. Heavens, no, we don't think mandolins are odd, but they are one of your less frequently discussed instruments. N.J. O'Brien of Clearwater reports that her son-in-law just made known his desire to learn to play the mandolin. He works with wood, so even one that needs some repair would be okay. If you have one that has been put away and isn't being played, contact N.J. at (727) 446-3789.

Linda Paul, who works in the AmSouth Bank at Tampa Center, has a cross stitch query. She would like to find a cross stitch pattern for the logo of the Illinois Central Railroad. If you have one or can put Linda on the track to locating one, she may be reached by phone at (813) 226-1201, by fax at (813) 226-1202 and by e-mail at

While we're on the subject of needlework, Ruth Boe of Sun City Center needs counted cross stitch patterns of playing card images (king, queen, jack, etc.) that she can use on a shirt with 81/2 or 10 count waste canvas. She also would like to have these patterns to use for wall hangings, either needlepoint or cross stitch. Reach Ruth by e-mail at

Stephen Beney of Dunedin needs help resuscitating his Phonemate. The company no longer makes them, so he is crossing his fingers that readers will pull through for him (he can't hear callers on the tape). His Phonemate needs an answering power supply, 14 watt (w&v), 14 volt. Stephen may be reached at (727) 734-1068.

Alfred Chiara of St. Petersburg has an older TEAC upright tape deck, model A-1250S, but he does not have the matching amplifier, model AS-100. If someone has that amplifier or one that is compatible with his tape deck, Alfred would be delighted. Give him a call at (727) 821-8859 if you can help.

Jackie of Inverness has a 20-year-old grandson with very poor eyesight who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Because he isn't able to go to a job, Jackie would like to teach him the art of stained glass so he'll be able to make money while working at home. Any stained glass information, equipment or supplies would be most useful. Please call (352) 344-2550.

School is out for the summer, but teachers are always busy getting ready for new classes and students. A prime example is Eleanor Baumner, a teacher at Keswick Christian School. She likes to teach good manners in a social setting, and she obviously has a tea party in mind as one of the lessons because she needs a donation of a tea cart and tea pots. Please call Eleanor at (727) 393-9100, extension 805.

- Send requests to Reader Exchange, Newsfeatures, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731 or e-mail Only questions of general interest will be answered. Requests will be accepted only by mail or e-mail; no phoned requests, please. This is an exchange column, so we will not run items that are for sale. Except in unusual circumstances, readers must agree to publication of phone numbers please include the area code to be considered for the column.

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