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Man rescued after night lost in Everglades

Associated Press
Published June 17, 2003

THE EVERGLADES - A man riding four-wheelers with friends got separated and lost and spent 15 hours in the Everglades before he was rescued.

Christopher Quier, 24, of Margate, had insect bites, sawgrass cuts and was dehydrated when a Broward County Sheriff's Office rescue helicopter spotted him about 9:30 a.m. Sunday. Wearing a camouflage shirt, he was about 2 miles from where his abandoned ATV had been found stuck in an alligator hole, officials said.

"He was confused, combative and disoriented" at first, said Broward Fire Rescue Lt. David Erdman.

Quier spent part of the day Saturday riding with friends. But about 6 p.m., his friends decided to head home. That's when they realized he was missing.

Officers from several Broward County agencies and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission started looking for him after midnight.

"We found him sort of staggering out in the Everglades," said Broward Air Rescue Capt. Ken Kronheim. Quier's cell phone had gotten wet and was useless.

"That's a tough environment between insects, snakes and alligators," Kronheim said. "It's quite a survival story."

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