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 Times staff photographer John Pendygraft was attached to the HMM 365, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron, from New River North Carolina.

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HMM 365, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron
Almost Home audio

[Times audio: Jack Rowland]

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Karen Murtha, wife of Commanding Officer Brian "Mad Dog" Murtha on the excitement of homecoming
Karen Murtha "homecoming is our way of having a party"
Karen Murtha talks about the many changes that have happened while the troops were in the Middle East
Brian Murtha's son, Jimmy Murtha, 13, talks about being the man of the house
Jimmy Murtha "I've grown, like, 5 inches"
Brian Murtha's daughter, Mary Murtha, 13, on coping
Chris Bartholomaus, wife of Bart "One Beer" Bartholomaus, on the excitment of homecoming
Bart "One Beer" Bartholomaus son, Joe Bartholomaus, 4, being interviewed by John Pendygraft
Chris Bartholomaus on being apart from her husband
Chris Bartholomaus "It's that much sweeter when they get back"
Chris Bartholomaus on her relationship with her husband

[Times photo: John Pendygraft]
Mary Murtha, 13, laughs as she gives a piggy back ride to Hanna Bartholomaus, 8, in the flight hangar for HMM 365 in New River North Carolina Friday afternoon. Tomorrow they will be united with their fathers, who have been in Iraq for six months. Murtha is Mad Dog's daughter, and Bartholomaus is One Beer's daughter.


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