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 Times staff photographer John Pendygraft was attached to the HMM 365, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron, from New River North Carolina.

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HMM 365, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron
Reunion audio

[Times audio produced and edited by Jack Rowland]

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Lance Corporal Bret Moore of Warren, Pa., talks about seeing his 6-day-old son for the first time.
This is just the sound of the helicopters when they first started to fly in.
Chris Bartholomaus and her kids, first seeing her husband, Major Bart "One Beer" Bartholomaus, then running to him and greeting him. She is heard sobbing when she reaches him, and he starts greeting his kids by name.
Chris Bartholomaus, wife of Major Bart "One Beer" Bartholomaus, sings "We WIll Rock You" while the Marine unit marches in to the song from their helicopters.
Gunnery Sergeant Frank Smith, Jr. talks to his wife and five kids as they walk out to see his helicopter.
Karen Murtha, wife of commanding officer Brian "Mad Dog" Murtha, says "Bring 'Em In Brian" as he begins to march the Marine unit from their helicopters to the hangar area where the families were waiting.


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