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Help a teacher put her kindergarteners in the movies

Published July 19, 2003

It's hard to believe, but school will be back in session soon. Thanks to an earlier starting date and the perennial tendency of the months away from class to melt away like ice cubes on a sizzling tarmac, it won't be long before the yellow buses hit the road.

One of the teachers doing some planning before the last minute is Nancy Bloomer, a kindergarten teacher who makes movies with, and for, her students. She is spending a small fortune on blank two-hour tapes, when all she needs is 5 to 15 minutes' worth of tape.

So she has come up with this idea for getting the job done less expensively. She needs donations of those tapes often used by companies to introduce their products. They generally run for about 15 minutes, just the right length of time for Nancy's purposes. All she needs to do is tape over the messages about blenders and self-cleaning ovens. If you have tapes to donate, Nancy, her pocketbook and her students will appreciate your calling her at 727 365-0893 or e-mailing

Marcia Jackson writes to offer some Exchange-style give and take. Let's try the "give" first. She no longer has a need for her 1984-95 repair manual for a Honda Civic/CRX/DEL SOL, and she would like to pass it along to someone who does.

What Marcia needs help with is her old Primo cell phone. They are no longer sold, but Marcia's is still working and serves her well. Unfortunately, to keep doing so, it requires a desktop charger, Class 2, Model DTC-100, which, of course, is no longer sold, either. If you have one you no longer use, or if you want the repair manual, please contact Marcia at 727 347-3476 or

Tammy Ramsey of St. Petersburg has two sewing-related requests. The first involves an INSTRUCTIONS ALERT for a Simplicity serger, Model SL800 given to her recently. Without instructions, she doesn't know how to use it. (That she even knows what it is puts her light years ahead of the staff.)

Tammy's second request is for her 10-year-old daughter, who wishes to learn to sew and get initiated into the mysteries of sergers and such. If you have a sewing machine with dusty bobbins that this budding tailor could call her own, please e-mail Tammy will happily pick it up.

Florence Grisi of New Port Richey is also interested in helping a child learn skills. In her case, cooking is the aim. Florence's great-grandchild loves to assist in making pizza, and to cut the job down to size, Florence is trying to find a small wooden rolling pin. She did locate a plastic one, but it doesn't roll. (What is the sense of a rolling pin that doesn't roll, anyway?) If you have an extra in your kitchen or know where one may be purchased, please call Florence, (727) 376-3787.

Dorothy Bosman has a request that is a bit different from our usual fare. She wonders if someone in Exchange Land performs hair care in the home. Dorothy can't get out to the salon, and the services she needs are cuts and perms. She may be reached at (727) 531-1738.

Jean Joynes of Spring Hill has a number of Craft Decorators and other craft magazines she would like to give to someone in the Land O' Lakes, Spring Hill or Brooksville area. If you are interested, please call (352) 540-4683 and leave a message on her answering machine.

Rita Ditulo of Seminole doesn't go skating anymore, so she'd like to divest herself of three or four very nice short skating skirts, suitable for either girls or women, in sizes 10 and 12. Rita's phone number is (727) 397-2495.

Mary Jane Weber of Port Richey is also searching for an old-fashioned sort of item, or should we perhaps refer to rolling pins and manual typewriters as "old standbys" instead? Mary Jane wants a typewriter, preferably manual, still in good working order, to replace her old one, which she misses very much. She assures potential donors that it will have a good home. She may be contacted at 727 868-3385 or Mary Lou Jenkins of Largo writes on behalf of a friend who has been ill and recently bought an exercise bike at a garage sale to help her regain her strength. But, once again, we must issue an INSTRUCTIONS ALERT, for although the bike is in excellent condition, it lacks that vital component.

The bike is VITAMASTER 88C. It was made in Taiwan in 1989, and the manufacturer is no longer in business. If you have a manual these ladies may copy, please contact Mary Lou: 727 593-0572 or Robert Johnson of Port Richey hopes a reader can tell him where to purchase a product called Blue Coral Autofoam, which enhances cars' appearance. If you know the answer, call Robert at (727) 849-7635.

Thank you note

Ray Purcell of Port Richey, who had several responses to his request for a hand-operated meat grinder, thanks everyone who called to offer one.

- Send requests to Reader Exchange, Newsfeatures, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731 or e-mail Requests will be accepted only by mail or e-mail. This is an exchange column, so we will not run items that are for sale. Except in unusual circumstances, readers must agree to publication of phone numbers please include the area code to be considered for the column.

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