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Video of Paul Hill

Paul Hill
[Photos and video courtesy of
Bill Caplinger]
One of the protest signs Paul Hill carried in front of the clinic.

Paul Hill was a well-known figure outside the Ladies Center abortion clinic in Pensacola long before he murdered Dr. John Britton and escort James Barrett. Clinic supporters routinely videotaped protesters, including Hill, whose tactics grew increasingly militant in the months leading up to the July 29, 1994, murders. The video of Dr. Britton was shot by abortion protesters.

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Doctor John Britton going into clinic (date unknown)
Dr. Britton is surrounded by clinic supporters, who attempt to shield his face from protesters as he arrives for his weekly visits to the center.

Paul Hill returns (4/15/94)
Paul Hill returns to demonstrate outside the abortion clinic after an absence of several weeks. He is seen preparing to carry a large sign.

"Please don't kill me" (6/17/94)
A month before the murders, Hill is seen standing on clinic property and yelling toward the waiting room. He is arrested minutes later.

"You will always be accessories to murder" (4/22/94)
Hill would frequently accuse abortion workers and volunteers of being accessories to murder.

"He's about to lose it" (6/10/94)
Clinic volunteers videotaped Hill yelling at the clinic in so they could document trespassing allegations.

Paul Hill being confronted by the police (6/10/94)
Police were called to question Hill on the trespassing allegations.

"God hates murderers"(6/17/94)
One month before the he resorted to murder, Hill declares God's hatred for murderers.

Paul Hill being arrested (6/17/94)
Police arrest Hill on charges of disorderly conduct and violating the noise ordinance for standing on clinic property and yelling at patients. One month later he would be arrested for murder.

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