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Driver pays high price for potholes

Published September 19, 2003

Editor: Potholes are all around us. It makes it difficult to drive properly while trying to avoid them.

I hit one just after crossing the intersection of County Line Road and Mariner Boulevard, a few feet into Hernando County. That pothole cost me a couple of hundred dollars for a new rim and tire, which I didn't have to spend.

I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened to and I wish all counties would rectify this problem and repair these roads, for safety's sake.

-- Eva Raquet, Port Richey

Why charge for recycling when service now free?

Editor: We have been recycling everything for years at the recycle bins in the shopping center - for free.

Now we are being charged to recycle only some things, but not all recyclables. For instance, not glass. So, we still have to go to the shopping center bins to recycle glass. And we are still giving our newspapers and soda pop cans to our church, so we do not want to pay for recycling nothing at home.

Who thought up this ridiculous partial-recycling project anyway? Let's vote them out next election!

-- W. Mitchell, Spring Hill
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