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Published September 19, 2003

Fabian Jackson is a three-sport athlete for Hernando, but football is closest to his heart. After one season on the junior varsity he earned a spot on varsity, and a strong work ethic keeps him on the field at running back and linebacker. He goes one-on-one with staff writer John Schwarb.

JS: How much different is varsity football compared to junior varsity?

FJ: It's so much faster, stronger. It's a little bit overwhelming at first, then you get more used to it. I really like it.

JS: There are no mirrors in the weight room, where you spent your entire summer. That bother you at all? I mean, you bulked up quite a bit.

FJ: That doesn't bother me. That would distract guys from really working out, to show what they really got.

JS: But there has to be a few guys who show off anyway, right?

FJ: Yeah, Rian Williams, James Thomas do. Antonio Brown poses sometimes.

JS: You?

FJ: (Laughs). I do a little bit.

JS: What's the worst food in the school cafeteria?

FJ: I don't eat the school lunch, really. I just sit around and talk. I eat when I go home. I eat breakfast, that's it for the day. Cereal, donuts, juice, fruit.

JS: Can you imagine blowing a chance to win a game with a measly missed extra point?

FJ: I don't know, I would be pretty upset. It really shouldn't come down to that.

JS: You play basketball and run track. How about baseball?

FJ: Nah, I don't like it. You just hit a ball and run bases. I don't see what's fun in that.

JS: Is there any pressure being the oldest of five kids?

FJ: Yeah, I have three brothers and one sister, and all of them look up to me. My youngest brother is 7. He likes to play sports too, so I have to be a good example.

JS: Does he play football?

FJ: No. He likes baseball.

JS: One of your running back mates, Rod Roberts, wears an earring. You don't. Think one's in your future?

FJ: No. I don't know, my parents don't like that. They're Christian folks, they don't see the point.

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