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Government closer to people gives them control

Published September 19, 2003

Editor: Concerning the need for open discussion on the matter of incorporation in Wesley Chapel, the committee involved in this study is getting a little anxious like everyone else. Before we can even answer our own questions concerning what services could be offered, how the municipal government could be organized, or whether our taxes may be affected, we must complete the required feasibility study. We are currently gathering the necessary data from county sources for this study and hope to have it complete soon.

The feasibility study is part of a process that is prescribed by the Legislature. The steps in this process establish a timeline the committee is working on. If all goes well, we should have our study complete in less than a month and we can start holding meetings with the chamber, local homeowners associations and the general public. Without the information the feasibility study yields, our meetings would be limited to a discussion of the process, and perhaps the sharing of our personal views. The committee wants to have the answers that will be expected by the public, so we ask for a little patience.

There have been concerns expressed in your paper that incorporation means adding more government and taxes. We are also concerned and hope that Pasco County government will agree not to tax residents for services that are provided by the municipality, so that the lowest possible rate can be offered with the question of incorporation.

As for my own view, I see it as an opportunity for local government, not more government. There should be no duplication of services. A locally controlled municipality means government closer to the people. It gives us a way to decide as a community what our destiny will be. It allows us greater control of the quality of Wesley Chapel as a community. When the citizens of Colonial America decided that their voices were not being heard, they decided to form an independent, locally controlled government. It was not about more government, it was about separate government with better representation.

The committee to study incorporation has not come to any conclusions. We have a lot of unanswered questions ourselves. However, we all agree that local government is worth considering and worthy of a committee's effort to gather the information and present it to everyone who has a stake in Wesley Chapel's future.

-- Jim Williams, Wesley Chapel

Add traffic light, curb speed in school zone

Editor: I am a mother of two, one of whom goes to Moon Lake Elementary. I do not understand why there is no traffic light through the school zone. Also, I don't understand why the speed limit through a school zone is 45 mph!

Every other school I've been to has a traffic light that blinks at the time the school starts and when school lets out, plus the speed is 15 mph! Why can't there be a light on Moon Lake Road and Treebreeze Drive? Every day you have children riding bicycles and walkers going across Moon Lake Road to get home.

I feel that 45 mph is too fast to be driving around a school. Some people taking Moon Lake Road to the interstate don't even know there's a school there.

-- Kimberly Sparks, New Port Richey

Council member cares little for city, people

Re: Meeting crowd doesn't represent city views, Sept. 15 letter.

Editor: I am neither lazy, stupid, illiterate or incompetent. I am a regular attendee of the New Port Richey Council meetings.

I paid my dues, working for 28 years for one company. I worked hard for what I have; no one gave me a handout. I take exception to the letter from Tom Finn in reference to his constituents.

His campaign slogan said he cared about the city of New Port Richey, but in his remarks in the council and the letter, he cares nothing for the people and the city.

If he really is for the city, he would resign his seat effective immediately.

-- Norma Wasserman, New Port Richey

Arrogant council member should resign immediately

Editor: I think the letter from New Port Richey Council member Tom Finn shows his rudeness and arrogance toward the citizens for whom he works. To say that the poor are in the position they are because of their poor financial planning was absolutely outrageous.

He is a public servant and answers to all the people of New Port Richey. It sounds like he has forgotten. I do not care, and I am sure all the people do not care about his campaign motto to fight for New Port Richey. The policies are for all the people and not just a majority of them.

He is a disgrace to the city of New Port Richey and should immediately tender his resignation. It is obvious he does not care about all the people, only a select few.

-- Robert Lavallee, New Port Richey

Growth turns residential roads into thoroughfares

Editor: A Pasco County Traffic Concurrency Ordinance with teeth to actually control commercial growth along U.S. 19 would be welcomed, and I urge the Pasco County commissioners to pass it. Uncontrolled growth and the accompanying traffic overload are getting out of hand. We see evidence of this every day.

And we certainly do not need more traffic on secondary roadways such as those in the Beacon Woods subdivision.

Building a bridge over Bear Creek to accommodate Wal-Mart ingress and egress would most certainly significantly increase traffic through Beacon Woods as drivers cut through the winding secondary roadways.

The only effective alternative would be to cut Beacon Woods Drive at the entrance to Beacon Woods with a cul-de-sac. While this might be inconvenient for some Beacon Woods residents (and probably costly in terms of emergency vehicle response times), it seems the only logical alternative to prevent turning residential secondary roads into traffic-laden thoroughfares.

-- James C. Beebe, Bayonet Point

Beacon Woods should make way for Wal-Mart

Editor: Do Beacon Woods residents think they own the town of Hudson? They want this, they want that. Wal-Mart can't do this or they can't do that. People are sick of hearing about what Beacon Woods wants.

Wal-Mart wants to move into the old Bayonet Point Mall. I say go for it. It would be wonderful for something to go in there! Is Beacon Woods the only subdivision in town?

What about Bear Creek, Timber Oaks, Summer Tree, Golden Oaks, Shadow Ridge, Meadow Oaks, Shadow Lakes, Pine Ridge? Beacon Woods residents think they should have a say in the Wal-Mart deal. Well, what about the rest of us? Most people will go to the Wal-Mart by U.S. 19. Look at all the new stores along Little Road. Do you hear those people complaining? It's progress.

Things change. It's time to get off the pot and let Wal-Mart get going!

-- William Brady, Hudson

Gentlemen's clubs offer an easy target

Re: Tighten laws on strip clubs, Aug. 31 letter.

Editor: Once again a misinformed person has chosen to attack what they do not understand.

In the letter about Whispers, the person implies that the presence of such an establishment so close to a church in some way can have an impact on the social behavior of the good people of Pasco. Do they think that on their way to church someone is going get sidetracked and go there instead? Then maybe we should close golf courses and stop showing football on Sundays so people can get there priorities straight.

I think it's extreme to think that a private gentlemen's club holds any kind of solution to moral problems that plague the modern world, but the clubs are an easy target because no one else will stand to support them. I manage such a place, and let me assure the public that it is not a den of sins. Anyone who has ever been there knows this.

I wish that everyone could see the bar the way I do so they could see the girls trying to put themselves through school to get better jobs. I am not attacking the church. I believe in God and feel the strong presence of religion is needed today. But the church should be trying to help these girls get out of bad relationships. Help them with babysitting. Help them to better themselves. Trying to shut them down and put them out of work is not going to change the way men morally think.

-- Paul Swikey, Oldsmar

When will new stores, schools come to SR 54?

Editor: I have been trying to follow stories about the planned development on State Road 54 and the Suncoast Parkway. We have recently moved into the Ivy Lakes Estates at Suncoast Crossings earlier this summer. In many articles I've read it seems to be the same story:

The articles repeat that housing, retail and additional plans are on the drawing board for the area. However, many of these articles lack an important detail in reporting.

When? Many of my fellow homeowners wonder the same thing. When are the retailers coming? And when are the new schools going to be built, if any? Most of what we have been hearing have been rumors about which retail stores would be coming. We've heard everything from Super Target to Wal-Mart supercenter to Publix to Home Depot. Some of these retailers were actually mentioned by name in articles published by Times.

It would be nice to see a complete article published as to when all this development is expected to take place.

-- Angela Birtwell, Odessa
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