Take it outside
Competitions that use a combination of boxing, wrestling, or martial arts are banned in Florida, according to statute 548.008. Toughman gets around this law by limiting the event to boxing and by paying less than $50 in prize money, according to the Florida State Boxing Competition.
At least three competitors in Toughman boxing contests have died in the past nine months, including a mother of two in Sarasota. Toughman competitions are not governed by a regulatory body, as in legitimate amateur boxing.
Toughman business

• The Toughman contests were started in 1979 by boxing promotor Art Dore in Michigan.
• Men and women pay a $50 entry fee and compete for cash or trophies.
• Participants sign waivers releasing promotors from liability.
• No training is required for participants, and referees are unlicensed.

Some Toughman rules
• There are three 1-minute rounds.
• Fighters wear headgear, kidney protectors and 16-ounce gloves.
• Fighters cannot have had a professional fight.
• All competitors must pass a ringside physical. This includes blood pressure and blood alcohol levels only.

Some amateur boxing rules

• There are four 2-minute rounds.
• A maximum of 3 standing 8-counts for boxers in difficulty.
• Fighters wear head gear and 10-ounce gloves.
• Referee to protect boxers and enforce rules in ring.
• Bout is stopped when there is bleeding, cuts or swelling around the eye.
• If the boxer is outmatched, the match is stopped.
• Boxers can have participated in less than 10 novice matches.
• 21 fouls (dangerous tactics) which result in warnings or penalties.
• Match is won by points scoring on target areas. Knockouts are accidental and do not result in points.

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