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Bucs earn respect with tough play

Published September 28, 2003

Concerning the woman who accused the Bucs of being dirty (Dirty play putting tarnish on laurels, Sept. 21), I'm always amused by these letter writers who are obviously fans of another team, taking any opportunity to dis the Bucs out of jealousy or hatred.

As for Warren Sapp's hit last year, it was totally legal ... and (Packers coach) Mike Sherman waiting out on the field to go after Sapp was way out of line. Keenan McCardell's block, I honestly believe, was just reaction as the other players suddenly changed the play. He is the last person who would want to hurt someone purposely.

Every week in every game by every team, there are things that you can question as unnecessary.

The Bucs have plenty of respect.

-- Rosalee Strader, Largo

Remember the song Two Out of Three Ain't Bad by Meat Loaf? I am sure there are two Buccaneers who might, as well as a few fans. ESPN sure did. Why? Twice in three weeks, ESPN liked Bucs plays so much it used them in top 10 lists: the top 10 catches in NFL history after Joe Jurevicius' two spectacular catches in Philly and the top 10 celebrations after Warren Sapp's touchdown dance in Atlanta. Isn't this wonderful for the Bucs to finally get some respect?

Thank you, Jon Gruden, Joe, Warren and Chris Berman. Yes, Chris Berman always has liked the Bucs. Just wait till we play the Colts on Monday Night Football next week. I am sure we will be on again! Do you know a song, Three Out of Five Ain't Bad?

-- Mike Buckingham, Wesley Chapel

I would like to say that Keyshawn Johnson is probably the toughest receiver I have ever seen. He makes so many catches over the middle with free safeties hunting for his head that it defies imagination. . . . I would like to see this area embrace Keyshawn for the stud that he is, just as it does Sapp, Brooks, Lynch and Rice. He's the real thing and this team would be dead without him.

-- Ted Chiricos, Tallahassee
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