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Rant, Rave

Published September 28, 2003

Put another 'Nole behind the wheel

When your quarterback can't handle adversity, that's a problem. When he also can't handle success, then he must be Chris Rix. Every time the FSU quarterback has fallen, he has been lifted up - only to trip over himself again.

Whenever Rix falters, and that was often in 2001-02 as FSU accrued its most losses in a two-year stretch since 1975-76, the coaches dust him off and give him another shot. His stream of mistakes as a redshirt freshman was glossed over because he was just a redshirt freshman. When he compounded his problems last season and finally was benched, he got a reprieve because of his successor's massive off-field issues.

When given back the starting job last season, Rix performed gamely in a win over Florida, but then slept through an exam and missed the bowl game. Now this: Two days before the most prolific game of his career vs. Colorado, Rix was busted for using a handicapped parking pass on campus. The day after the news broke, he proved his remorse was fake by parking illegally again.

Rix, 22, has proven unreliable on and off the field. A suggestion to FSU: stop defending his actions and give the keys to the offense, and Rix's SUV, to the No. 2 quarterback.

BCS underdogs expose the system's flaws

Four football conferences are worth rooting for: Conference USA, Mountain West, MAC and WAC.

That's it. The schools in our Fab Four conferences should be the favorites of all right-thinking college fans. Because these teams - high-quality programs such as BYU, Louisville, Marshall, Fresno State, TCU and Hawaii - are getting snubbed by the BCS cartel. There are 117 Division I-A programs, but only those in the Snob Six conferences have a legitimate shot at a national title in the BCS system.

Since this is America, you, Joe and Jane College Football Fan, are morally obligated to root for the Colorado States, Northern Illinoises, Utahs, South Floridas, Air Forces and Tulanes of the world.

So far this season, Fab Four schools have struck repeated blows to the system by whipping up on Snob Sixers. UNLV rocked Wisconsin in Madison, Toledo downed Pitt, Marshall won at Kansas State, as did Bowling Green at Purdue. Louisville trounced Syracuse at Syracuse, Northern Illinois won at Alabama ...

A playoff scenario easily can incorporate all of the top bowls, and it would be wildly popular.

So go Rockets, Horned Frogs, Utes, Green Wave et al. Keep exposing the system as a sham.

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