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Tale of two counties

A comparison of Scripps Research Institute's California home and its proposed new location in Florida.

Times Staff Writer
Published October 19, 2003


Palm Beach County: 1.13-million

San Diego County: 2.8-million

Median age:

Palm Beach County: 41.8

San Diego County: 33.2

Number of public schools, students:

Palm Beach County: 156 schools, 162,000 students

San Diego County: 540 schools, 413,500 students

Percent of students enrolled in public schools:

Palm Beach County: 84.7 percent

San Diego County: 93 percent

Percent of population with bachelor's degree or higher:

Palm Beach County: 27.7

San Diego County: 29.5

Median travel time to work (minutes):

Palm Beach County: 25.7

San Diego County: 25.3

Median household income:

Palm Beach County: $45,062

San Diego County: $47,067

Average price of single family home (through Aug. 30)

Palm Beach (town): $3,628,000

La Jolla (neighborhood): $1,432,285

Miles of coastline:

Palm Beach County: 47 miles

San Diego County: 70 miles

Average temperature (June):

Palm Beach County: 82 degrees

San Diego County: 67 degrees

Average annual precipitation:

Palm Beach County: 60 inches

San Diego County: 9.5 inches

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Palm Beach and San Diego counties boards of Realtors and economic development boards
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