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Spring Hill's drivers should follow laws

Published December 23, 2003

We moved to Spring Hill 31/2 years ago and love it. The only complaint we have is about the driving habits of most residents.

The law in every state we have lived in says you stay right except to pass, and signs are posted to that effect. In this area, everybody seems to drive in the left lane until they are ready to turn right, and that is where the trouble seems to happen.

Also, with people trying to get around strings of cars in the left lane driving very slowly, of course, there are some in the right lane doing the same thing.

Up North, those who hang in the left lane are given warnings and then tickets if they do not comply. They are obstructing traffic.

I'm sure there must have been some serious accidents caused by this inconsiderate driving. Why can't the law be enforced? Warnings should be used for awhile and signs should be posted.

-- Gene Ehrich, Spring Hill

Letter writer misleadingly depicts Democrats, issues

Re: Democrats' attacks merely sour grapes, Dec. 17 letter to the editor:

Editor: The letter writer indicated she wasn't surprised that two Democrats are upset with the way U.S. Rep. Ginny Brown-Waite has voted. She purported to know the reasons that Democrats are angry.

First, there are more than two Democrats who are concerned about the policies of this administration and the Congress members who have rubber-stamped them.

Additionally, it is rather presumptuous for the writer to attempt to speak for Democrats. And finally, her name-calling (pouters, tantrum throwers) is insulting to those who exercise their free speech.

The writer said that Democrats were angry that Republicans have passed Medicare reform. This is not true. Democrats are concerned that the Republican-controlled Congress has allowed private companies to undermine the Medicare system. We are concerned that the bill did not allow for government bidding for reduced drug prices. We are concerned that the legislation will not take effect until 2006. These are only a few of the numerous problems with the legislation.

She further states that Democrats are angry that the economy is turning around. I certainly welcome any improvement in the economy, as does every other Democrat I know. However, many of us remain concerned that companies are exporting the jobs that have produced living wages.

We are concerned that the tax cuts primarily benefited those with incomes over $200,000. We are appalled at the rising deficit and are fearful for future generations. We will continue to call for more regulations to prevent companies from absconding with the pensions of hardworking people. These and other economic issues need a voice in Washington.

The writer also suggested that Democrats were angry that the United States was rebuilding Iraq.

Once again, this is hardly the issue. Many Democrats remained concerned about the lack of integrity of an administration that would deceive Americans about the reasons for war. We are frightened about the consequences when we act without securing the cooperation of our traditional allies.

We recognize that our failure in diplomacy has forced the American taxpayer to bear the majority of the cost of reconstruction. We are saddened by the deaths of the young men and women who elected to serve their country.

If we send our soldiers to fight to establish democratic systems, shouldn't we respect those same principles here at home? We should not accuse Democrats of acting like little kids who pout and throw tantrums. We should support and protect the exercise of free speech and defend the checks and balances provided by a two-party system.

-- Barbara LeBoeuf, New Port Richey

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