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[Photo: U.S. Army]
A soldier comforts a grief-stricken American infantryman whose buddy was killed in action near Haktong-ni, Korea, in 1950. In the background, a corpsman methodically fills out casualty tags. Go to story

On June 25, 1950, the Communist forces of North Korea, with backing from the Soviet Union, invaded their neighbor to the south. President Harry S. Truman ordered American troops to the Korean peninsula where they were soon joined by soldiers from 15 other United Nations member countries. Suddenly the Cold War was a lot hotter. Things got really bad when the Chinese rushed in. After three years, the fighting ended with the signing of an armistice on July 27, 1953. There was no victor. Peace was never declared. The country remained divided. And the Korean conflict would soon be pushed off the front pages by events in a place called Vietnam. Now, on this 50th anniversary of the war's end, we look at why and how the war was waged and the effect it had on the United States, on our communities and on many of the tens of thousands Korean War veterans who live in the Tampa Bay area.

Korea: The Forgotten War

July 28
A memory carved in granite

Veterans who thought their service would be forgotten raised funds for a 31/2-ton memorial.

Wolfowitz: Iraqi war is like Korean
At the Korean War Memorial, the deputy defense secretary speaks of fights "to defeat a great evil."

July 27
Veterans look back with pride

They say the Korean War was an important stand for freedom. They also wonder what would be different had they pushed on farther north.

Revisiting Korea a lifetime later
A Beacon Woods veteran carries grim war memories, but is eager to see the changes in the country.

Images of orphans haunt veteran
A former Navy Seabee had many experiences during the Korean War, but none left an impression like its most vulnerable victims.

Summer of 1953, far from a war
Life in the Tampa Bay area was far more innocent than today. Even then, with a war going on, Korea was a world away.

Scraps of love and loss
Letters from a soldier who didn't come back from the Korean War have been a guiding light for his widow and the son who never knew him.

Trudging up the hill near Yongsan, South Korea ... Mikey
Leroy "Don" Colts, a tanker who hadn't seen combat, was preparing to spend the night in a foxhole.

Cheney marks anniversary with wreath at Arlington
ARLINGTON, Va. - In a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, Vice President Dick Cheney on Saturday laid a wreath of red, white and blue flowers at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

Somber South, celebratory North
As with everything, the two Koreas have entirely different ways of reflecting on the 50th anniversary of the end of their war.

July 26
A case of 'severe apprehension'

Tens of thousands of Korean War veterans live in the Tampa Bay area. A few agreed to share their recollections with us.

Memorial beckons to Forgotten War
The ghosts plod onward and stare from the walls of a monument to a war a half-world and a half-century away.

July 25
Photo gallery and audio

50 years later, veterans honored
Residents will honor Korean War veterans and mark the anniversary with a ceremony at the new war memorial Saturday.

GI gave shelter to the children of war
The children were "out in the open, sleeping in pallets" until Albert Provost came along.

Of faith and fatality
Tens of thousands of Korean War veterans live in the Tampa Bay area. A few agreed to share their recollections with the Times.

The faces behind the fight
A half-century later, the experiences of local Korean War veterans are still etched in their memories.

July 24
All is calm, all is bright

Tens of thousands of Korean War veterans live in the Tampa Bay area. A few agreed to share their recollections with the Times.

July 23
One heartbeat away from death

He lay face down in the frozen rice paddy, eyes closed, barely breathing, playing dead.

For two boys in Korea, different tastes of war
West central Florida is home to about 14,000 Korean-Americans, who are among roughly 2-million in the United States. Some of them were in Korea the day their homeland went to war. Here are the stories of two men who now live in the bay area - one whose city was attacked by the North Koreans, the other who became a spy at 14.

July 22
The hero from Hillsborough High

Baldomero Lopez's split-second decision upon landing in Korea became an iconic moment for the Marines and helped Tampa establish an identity.

Called to go, a second time
ST. PETERSBURG - The U.S. Army Reserve Center on Beach Drive is named for Max R. Stover.

A POW with attitude
Tens of thousands of Korean War veterans live in the Tampa Bay area. A few agreed to share their recollections with us.

July 21
Change in career plans
Tens of thousands of Korean War veterans live in the Tampa Bayarea. A few agreed to share their recollections with us.

Integrated under fire
President Truman demanded military desegregation in Korea, and it worked. Then the war ended.

July 20
Gunning for home
Amid ambushes, morphine and mortar shells, one young infantryman had to battle his way back to his family.

Seoul mates
Two Korean War veterans, bonded by common memories of an often-overlooked conflict, will join others in returning to scenes of battles on the 50th anniversary of the armistice.

The lasting imprint of a forgotten war
For Joe Clark, stories of the Korean War include vicious fighting, brutal weather, seemingly insurmountable odds and awe-inspiring heroism.

War rages on in body and soul
Joseph Alaimo left Korea 51 years ago. But Korea has never left him. "It stays with you all the time," he says.

After 3 years of duty, antiwar feeling surfaces
A "crazy" 18-year-old who volunteered to be a paratrooper grows up to be a military skeptic.

After 50 years, images still seared into memory
Of all his experiences in the Korean War, there are two things Edward Pfieffer will never forget.

Korea, the forgotten war
The northbound train ride from Pusan at the southern tip of Korea toward Seoul was of no great concern to the U.S. Army's 34th Infantry Regiment that day in early July of 1950.

July 18
Korea: The Forgotten War
On Sunday, the St. Petersburg Times begins coverage marking the 50th anniversary of the end of the Korean War. Thousands of those veterans live in the Tampa Bay area, many with stories to share. Today a preview: Return to sender.

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