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January 4, 2003

Editorial: Defense against guns
Citizens are resorting to lawsuits against gun manufacturers since they can't count on thefederal government to protect them.

Editorial: Taking part in Mars exploration
Next summer, NASA, the people who put American astronauts on the moon and brought them safely home to planet Earth, will launch two search vehicles to the red planet, Mars. The craft, called the Mars Exploration Rovers, will bounce to a landing, zoom across the rocks and explore what no human has seen before. Perhaps neatest of all, a lucky grade-school student will give the craft their names.

Letters: President should focus on North Korea, not Iraq
Our president says that Iraq and North Korea are not the same (Bush: We can talk to North Korea, Jan. 1).


Columns today
Lucy Morgan: Wild cards come up in Bush's reshuffling
Come Tuesday, Florida will swear in a new governor. Wait, it's the same ol' governor we've been kicking around for the past four years.

Sandra Thompson: Even if candidates can deliver, should they?
I spent the early part of New Year's Eve perusing the Web sites of the candidates for mayor of Tampa, talk about having a good time.

Gary Shelton: UM gets good Dorsey when it needs great one
TEMPE, Ariz. -- In the end, the only thing that remained in his hands was his head.


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