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March 2, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Raid snares key 9/11 suspect
    Al-Qaida leader Khalid Mohammed's arrest in Pakistan could be a coup in the war against terrorism.

    S. Korean leader warns of a nuclear 'calamity'
    SEOUL, South Korea -- South Korean President Roh Moo Hyun, in his first policy speech since taking office, on Saturday warned of a "calamity" from the standoff over North Korea's nuclear program unless a peaceful resolution is found quickly.

    NASA chief says to board request
    WASHINGTON -- NASA's administrator rejected a formal request by the accident board looking into the Columbia disaster to reassign top agency officials from participating in the investigation, the first serious dispute over the integrity of the probe since the space shuttle's breakup killed seven astronauts.

    Peers honor Cmdr. McCool's legacy
    ANNAPOLIS, Md. -- Columbia pilot William McCool was remembered Saturday as a man of intelligence, vision and leadership who loved God, his family and long-distance running.

    In crushing blow, Turkey says no to U.S.
    ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkey's parliament dealt a stunning blow to U.S. war planning Saturday by failing to approve a bill allowing in U.S. combat troops to open a northern front against Iraq.

    Arabs bristle at suggestion that Hussein resign
    SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt -- Arab leaders said they reject a war on Iraq and U.S. threats to remove Saddam Hussein, but their message Saturday was undermined by exchanges of insults and sharp divisions at a summit aimed at finding unity over the Iraq crisis.

    Fort Florida: Across the state: inflated statistics, exaggerated needs
    Since 1994, Florida law enforcement agencies have received approval for 1,941 rifles and grenade launchers from military surplus stocks. To get them, sheriff's offices and police departments have at times inflated crime statistics or misled authorities about the need for the weapons or the way the weapons would be stored.

    Police find body with organs cut out
    PHILADELPHIA -- Police responding to a report of a dead body turned the victim over and found his heart, a lung and other organs had been cut out.

    Nation in brief: Nursing home fire death toll up to 11
    HARTFORD, Conn. -- The death toll has risen to 11 in a nursing home blaze reportedly started by a patient who set her bed sheets on fire.

    Need a pair of sneakers? Try fishing the Pacific
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Enough soggy Nike basketball shoes to outfit every high school team in Alaska are drifting through the Pacific Ocean toward the state after spilling from a container ship off Northern California.

    Bill Clinton, on a jury? Not likely
    NEW YORK -- Former President Bill Clinton has been tapped for jury duty.

    Air marshals arrest loud man
    WASHINGTON -- A plane was diverted Saturday after air marshals arrested a passenger after he began shouting "Majority rules! Turn the plane around!" and walked toward an exit during a flight from New York's LaGuardia Airport to New Orleans.

    World in brief: Palestinian leaders to vote on adding prime minister
    JERUSALEM -- Palestinian leaders moved closer Saturday to amending a law so a prime minister could be appointed -- one of many reforms demanded by the United States and Israel but a change that Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat may resist.

    Enter country, get radiation test
    WASHINGTON -- Federal inspectors are checking all travelers arriving in the United States for radiation as part of an expanded effort to screen for terrorist activity, an official said Saturday.

    Afghan president finds he's lost cachet
    WASHINGTON -- By the time Afghan President Hamid Karzai finished his stroll down the corridors of American power last week, he had learned a few harsh lessons in the fickle ways of Washington.

    Canada report: Tobacco company accused of selling to smugglers
    A major Canadian tobacco company and its executives are accused of fraud and conspiracy for allegedly selling cigarettes to smugglers in the 1990s.

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