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February 4, 2003

Editorial: Go boldly, safely
The best way to honor the seven astronauts lost in the shuttle Columbia is to continue manned space exploration with enough funding to ensure safety.

Editorial: The 'light-truck' loophole
Imagine if wealthy business owners were actually rewarded for buying the largest, most inefficient SUVs by allowing them to deduct more than half the sticker price from their taxes. Actually, you don't have to make up that scenario, because it's an existing loophole that cost the government about $1-billion in tax revenues last year.

Letters: Don't let shuttle disaster turn us toward defeatism
It is certainly tragic that the lives of seven exceptional people were lost in the Columbia disaster. But the answer is not to stop or curtail the shuttle program. That type of surrender would have stopped millenniums of humanity's greatest pioneers, from Socrates to Galileo to Columbus to the Wright brothers and numerous others, from pressing forward to extend the reach and the knowledge of humanity.


Columns today
Mary Jo Melone: With them, we soared to heights unimagined
Lt. Col. Michael Anderson's father said it. The mother of Kalpana Chawla did, too.

Jan Glidewell: Space travel is a part of who we are, risks and all
On Oct. 4, 1957, the Soviet Union's launch of Sputnik removed me, at least part of the way, from what passed for geekdom in those days.

Elijah Gosier: North of bustle, tranquility loses ground
Travel north on U.S. 19 and unless you're watching signs, you may not notice that St. Petersburg has become Palm Harbor or New Port Richey. Cities flow that easily into one another along that stretch of congested highway.


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