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February 8, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Shuttle Disaster: Part of shuttle wing found; photos studied
    JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, Texas -- Search teams have found a portion of the "leading edge" of one of shuttle Columbia's wings, while NASA is examining Air Force photos taken during the doomed spacecraft's last moments that could shed light on the cause of the disaster.

    France, China won't budge
    President Bush calls leaders of the two countries, but they remain opposed to using force to disarm Iraqi leader Hussein.

    U.S. raises terror alert amid al-Qaida rumblings
    Attorney General John Ashcroft warns weapons of mass destruction could be used in a new attack.

    Columbus' ship bell on the block for $1-million
    MADRID -- For sale: one ship's bell, old and corroded, big piece missing. Past user: Columbus.

    Bush puts heat on China to sway N. Korea
    WASHINGTON -- President Bush urged China on Friday to help end the nuclear standoff with North Korea and said he remained confident diplomacy would defuse the crisis.

    Cheney suit dropped; GAO's power in doubt
    WASHINGTON -- Congress' investigative arm Friday dropped its lawsuit against Vice President Dick Cheney over the administration's energy policy, a decision that scholars said could significantly weaken the legislature's ability to check executive power.

    Cautious Kasparov agrees to 3-3 tie
    NEW YORK -- Chess legend Garry Kasparov, who still bitterly contests his loss to a computer six years ago, averted a similar defeat Friday when he agreed to a draw in the last game of his series against Deep Junior.

    Nation in brief: FDA advises all blood workers to check for clumps
    The Food and Drug Administration advised blood centers Friday to take extra steps to examine bags of blood meant for transfusion, and to avoid using blood that might contain mysterious white clumps. The clumps were noticed in blood bags in late January in Georgia and northern Florida.

    Sudden snowstorm stops travel, schools in Northeast
    BRADLEY BEACH, N.J. -- A fast-moving storm surprised much of the Northeast on Friday, dumping nearly 10 inches of snow that disrupted travel and closed hundreds of schools in at least four states.

    Rumsfeld rallies troops in Italy: Evil can't win
    AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld worked to rally European support Friday for the American case against Saddam Hussein, saying the hour for action to disarm Iraq is fast approaching.

    Iraq opens 2 Powell targets to journalists
    AL-AMIRIYAH, Iraq -- Iraqi officials Friday took foreign journalists to missile assembly and test sites spotlighted in Colin Powell's presentation to the Security Council to underscore that the installations have been under U.N. scrutiny for months.

    Separated twins bounce into life as individuals
    The conjoined Guatemalan twins who were separated in the United States are happy and "moving incredibly fast" since returning to their homeland last month.

    World in brief: Explosion rips nightclub in Colombia; nine killed
    BOGOTA, Colombia -- An explosion rocked an exclusive club in the Colombian capital Friday night, killing at least nine people, leaving more than 100 injured and setting the 10-story building afire.

    Fighting terror: Two dozen terror suspects land at U.S. prison in Cuba
    SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- More than two dozen men arrived at the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba on Friday, pushing the number of terror suspects at the naval base to about 650.

    Fighting terror: Appeal might stall Moussaoui trial
    ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Bush administration asked a judge Friday to stop proceedings against Zacarias Moussaoui, the lone person charged in the Sept. 11 attacks, until an appeals court settles national security questions.

    Russian female drivers get no respect
    MOSCOW -- The worried woman hunches at the wheel as if she's bracing for a crash. Through the windshield of her Lada, she peers warily at the clogged highway. Behind her, plastered on the rear window, a cheerful sticker shows a high-heeled shoe.

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