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February 12, 2003
CQ News: Midday
  • Pilot Programs on Cyberattack Data Should Be Expanded, Lawmakers Say
  • Shuttle Disaster: Inquiry will find cause, chief pledges
    SPACE CENTER, Houston -- The head of the space shuttle inquiry said Tuesday he has the best investigators in the country to figure out what caused the Columbia crash and is confident the mystery will be solved. But one of those experts cautioned the scope of the disaster is the biggest any of them has ever seen.

    Chavez's threat festers unnoticed
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has made a habit of saying the first thing that comes into his head.

    Plans are sketchy for Iraq after war
    Officials in charge of such plans are full of "uncertainties," including how long a U.S. occupation would last and cost.

    FAA rule robs aviators of rights, pilots say
    Pilots' associations cry foul at a new security regulation that can leave aircraft workers flightless without explanation.

    Deadly stampede mars hajj ritual
    MINA, Saudi Arabia -- A human stampede erupted during the devil-stoning ritual at the hajj Tuesday, killing 14 people in the latest tragedy to darken the annual Muslim pilgrimage.

    Vets' health ideas called unpassable
    WASHINGTON -- Several administration proposals to meet growing health care needs of the nation's veterans, including raising prescription drug copayments, have no chance of winning congressional approval, the Republican chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee said Tuesday.

    Washington in brief: Cheney's aid is sought in budget talks
    WASHINGTON -- Congressional negotiators turned to Vice President Dick Cheney on Tuesday to help resolve an impasse over drought relief for farmers that was imperiling the current year's funding for much of the federal government.

    Obituaries of note
    GEORGE FREESTONE, 104, believed to be the world's oldest Boy Scout, died Saturday in Mesa, Ariz. In 1910 he joined one of the first two Boy Scout troops in the United States, becoming part of a Los Angeles troop at age 12.

    Nation in brief: Red ink may close S.C. chief's home
    COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The South Carolina Governor's Mansion may have to close because of a $150,000 shortfall in operating funds.

    ABA urges limits on asbestos lawsuits
    SEATTLE -- The American Bar Association urged Congress on Tuesday to restrict who can sue over exposure to cancer-causing asbestos, a stand that could cut the business of its own members.

    Unsafe sex linked to gay chat rooms
    BOSTON -- Chat rooms on gay Web sites are becoming a common place for arranging risky sexual encounters, a survey found, as experts worry about a possible upswing in HIV infections.

    Drug 'pipeline' encourages doctors
    BOSTON -- A variety of highly effective new AIDS drugs are on the horizon, experts say, easing worries that the disease's fast-mutating virus will outstrip doctors' ability to treat it.

    Fighting terror: Britain spurns plan for more inspectors
    LONDON -- The angry dispute over Iraq festered in Europe on Tuesday as British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw denounced calls for expanded U.N. inspections and NATO allies again failed to agree on whether to proceed with war planning.

    Fighting terror: Troops, tanks patrol London airport
    LONDON -- Britain boosted security in and around London on Tuesday, deploying tanks and hundreds of troops at Heathrow Airport as police said terrorists could launch attacks timed to a Muslim holiday.

    Fighting terror: White House breaks news of bin Laden tape
    WASHINGTON -- The Bush administration, which once urged American television networks to show restraint in airing messages from al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, on Tuesday spread the word itself that another tape had surfaced.

    Fighting terror: Attack could come this week, CIA chief says
    WASHINGTON -- Intelligence information suggests al-Qaida attacks may occur as early as this week in both the United States and on the Arabian peninsula, CIA director George Tenet told Congress on Tuesday.

    Terror notebook: Bali suspect shows how bomb built
    BALI, Indonesia -- A key suspect in October's Bali nightclub bombings apologized to the victims' families on Tuesday and showed reporters how he and others allegedly assembled the explosives that killed 192 people, most of them foreign tourists.

    'Impeccable' handler joins rare set
    NEW YORK -- The story goes that Hiram Stewart was so excited to break into the show world that, as a 12-year-old, he put a decidedly unshowy rope around a dog's neck to enter his first event.

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