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February 22, 2003
[an error occurred while processing this directive] Terror Indictments: Islamic Jihad rules out retaliation against U.S.
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- The militant Islamic Jihad said Friday it will not attack American targets to retaliate for the U.S. arrest of four alleged members and the indictment of four others on terrorism-related charges.

Shuttle Disaster: More e-mails show concern raised during shuttle mission
WASHINGTON -- A NASA safety engineer warned two days before Columbia broke apart that the shuttle might be in "marginal" condition and that others in the space agency weren't adequately considering the danger of a breach near its left wheels, according to internal e-mails NASA disclosed Friday.

Bad news continues for transplant patient
After doctors' errors and two heart-lung transplants, the teen is left with brain damage.

Nightclub inferno claims at least 96
Flames tear through a Rhode Island concert hall minutes after a rock band begins its show with fireworks. Nearly 200 are hurt.

Fighting terror: Kenya links embassy, Mombasa attacks
NAIROBI, Kenya -- Investigators have found evidence suggesting that some of the same al-Qaida operatives involved in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in East Africa may have helped carry out the November attack on a Kenyan resort.

Fighting terror: Protests expected over troops
MANILA, Philippines -- Philippine leaders battled Friday to quell growing political turmoil triggered by Washington's disclosure that hundreds of U.S. special operations troops are on the way to fight alongside the Philippine military against ruthless Abu Sayyaf rebels.

Dean fires up Democrats on first day of winter session
WASHINGTON -- Democratic presidential candidates clashed Friday over U.S. policy toward Iraq, with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean igniting a meeting of party activists by telling them to "stand for something" or fall again to President Bush.

Story on safety sent cameraman into club
A TV cameraman who captured images of a tragic fire at a music club was there working on a piece about nightclub safety.

Hell rose from the stage and it wasn't an act
WEST WARWICK, R.I. -- The flames slithering across the ceiling, the churning black smoke that devoured the air in minutes, the burning hair and flesh -- he can't forget any of it. But John Dimeo is tormented more than anything by the shrieks of people trapped inside.

Nation in brief: National do-not-call list work to begin within days
WASHINGTON -- The government will begin within days building a national do-not-call list intended to help people block unwanted telemarketing calls, Federal Trade Commission Chairman Timothy Muris said Friday.

Activists ask eBay to remove items
Activists on Friday asked the Internet auction giant eBay to stop listing items they say are racially offensive and demeaning to blacks.

Baghdad offers dialogue with U.S.
Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan offered a "dialogue" with the United States, saying in an interview that his country was ready to talk if Washington abandons "aggression" and ceases "interference in internal affairs."

Powell seeks support from Security Council
WASHINGTON -- Secretary of State Colin Powell reached out for support Friday from the foreign ministers of four U.N. Security Council nations as American and British diplomats crafted a new resolution on disarming Iraq.

U.N. tells Iraq: Destroy missiles
UNITED NATIONS -- Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix ordered Iraq on Friday to destroy dozens of its missiles with ranges that violate U.N. limits, and gave Baghdad a March 1 deadline to begin the demolition.

World in brief: Bush sends more troops to Colombia
President Bush this week used his authority to exceed congressional limits on the number of U.S. military personnel allowed to be in Colombia, sending as many as 150 additional specialized troops to assist in the rescue of three American civilians believed to be in the hands of guerrillas since their plane crashed in a rebel stronghold last week, the Washington Post reported, quoting unnamed administration officials.

Health: Overuse threatens effectiveness of antibiotic Cipro, study says
CHICAGO -- Cipro, the antibiotic that became a household word during the 2001 anthrax scare, is becoming increasingly ineffective against other dangerous germs because of overuse, a study found.

Health: Study: High coffee consumption can double stillbirth risk
LONDON -- Pregnant women who drink eight or more cups of coffee a day could double their risk of stillbirth compared with pregnant women who do not drink coffee, new research suggests.

Survey identifies teens who are depressed
WASHINGTON -- Researchers are offering a computerized screening tool to high schools for free in hopes of identifying teenagers who are suffering from depression.

Monarchs flutter back from brink, surprising researchers
Cold and rain killed the majority of the butterflies in central Mexico last winter, yet millions have turned up this year.

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