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Campaign 2002: The Times Recommends

February 22, 2003

Editorial: Majority rules
To the dismay of its chairman, the Federal Communications Commission upheld a ruling this week that would ultimately benefit consumers.

Editorial: Retire to Florida, we're cheap
The intentions may be good and the information-gathering valuable, but the economic development formula being pitched by the Destination Florida Commission is, at best, anachronistic. Sell sun and low taxes to lure out-of-state retirees? Why not offer free swampland as part of the deal?

Letters: Al-Arian remains innocent until proven guilty
Re: Which face of Al-Arian should be believed? by Howard Troxler, Feb. 21.


Columns today
Lucy Morgan: His words still stand, bigger than the bigotry
The subject was race, a continuing American problem, despite years of progress since the 1960s when Gene Patterson was editor of the Atlanta Constitution.

Ernest Hooper: Al-Arian's indictment brings out the bigots
Some of the lessons history teaches us are easy to learn, but some folks in the Tampa Bay area don't seem to get it.

Sandra Thompson: Arts scene won't be a draw for next mayor
To hear them tell it, at a forum Monday night presented by the Tampa Bay Business Committee for the Arts, all the candidates to be Tampa's next mayor just love culture and the arts. Except maybe Bob, but he pointed to Linda Saul-Sena in the audience, an activist for the arts, and gosh, he knows her, so that's almost the same thing.


Taking jobs, alienating customers
For weeks Americans have been told that the outsourcing of high-tech jobs is good for our economy. So said Greg Mankiw, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers in a recent report signed by President Bush. So, too, writes Thomas Friedman of the New York Times in articles praising the rise of call centers in India used for everything from making airline reservations and reading medical X-ray films to providing tech support for American computer firms.

Philip Gailey: Democrats fall off campaign finance reform wagon
Well, what do you know. Soft money is back, and it's making hypocrites of all those Democrats who fervently championed the McCain-Feingold campaign reform law, not to mention those Republicans who objected to the law's restrictions on issue advocacy.

Bill Maxwell: Who is for the farm worker?
Florida Gov. Jeb Bush is touting legislation to improve the lives of Florida's 300,000-plus farm workers, who endure institutional and systemic injustices each day in our fields and groves and their personal lives.

Robyn E. Blumner: For some defendants, an American gulag
In Bernard Malamud's masterpiece The Fixer, inmate Yakov Bok was subjected to psychological torture in a Soviet gulag through the humiliations of constant shackling and repeated strip searches.

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