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Campaign 2002: The Times Recommends
 Perspective: February 23, 2003
February 23, 2003
For a Better Florida: In state spending, we're dead last and cutting back
Michael Milligan figures he will spend a quarter-million dollars to put his four kids though college. Maybe more if Gov. Jeb Bush has his way.

For a Better Florida: Class (size) warfare
K-12: A fight decided at the polls resurfaces in Bush's divisive budget.

For a Better Florida: Voucher plan's rush leaves standards behind
A three-year-old voucher program for disabled students in Florida has grown so quickly and haphazardly that the push for oversight is now coming from an unusual corner: the private schools that stand to benefit from the program.

Robyn Blumner: Moussaoui may be mad, but he's got a point
Zacarias Moussaoui, the alleged 20th hijacker, has shown himself to be an unbalanced nut. The French citizen of Moroccan descent who is charged with being the surviving conspirator in the Sept. 11 attacks has raised the high-water mark for courtroom antics with paranoid rants and reams of frivolous motions. But sometimes even the maddest of men have a lucid point to make and Moussaoui has one.

Editorial: Iorio for mayor
The former elections supervisor and county commissioner would bring intelligence, innovation and integrity to city government in Tampa.

Letters: Protesters should aim at Hussein
I can only imagine that Saddam Hussein took great comfort and encouragement from the massive antiwar demonstrations that went on last weekend.

Bill Maxwell: The fight against apathy rages in our back yard
Dissent protects democracy.

Martin Dyckman: A British model for Florida to follow
TALLAHASSEE -- A remarkable thing happened in Great Britain a few years ago. The government conceded that miscarriages of justice do occur, and set up an agency to rectify them. The mother country hasn't run out of things to teach us.

Philip Gailey: At the cost of his popularity, Blair follows his principles
So spoke the Iron Lady, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, to then-President George H.W. Bush when she feared he was waivering in his vow to use military force to undo the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait more than a decade ago.


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