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February 24, 2003

Personal Tech: February 24, 2003 The call of the Net
Companies are trying to make it easier to use a broadband Internet connection to make telephone calls.

Solutions: Dialup slowdowns sound like congestion at ISP
Q. I, and many others in our area, use a local company for Internet access. Lately, we have noticed that connecting and verifying is getting slower and slower. The company says it's the fault of our phone company. Yet the phone company says no. Not having cable in this area, we cannot hook to them. Can you suggest any other recourse?

Registration for March computer classes at the Elfers Senior Center, 4136 Barker Drive, will be from moon to 2 p.m. Tuesday and March 4. Classes include Computer I and II, Digital Camera and the Internet. For information, call (727) 847-1290.

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The Digital Life: DVD domination
The DVD is fast becoming a mainstay in U.S. homes. Here's a snapshot:

The Buzz: Mouse that doubles as an FM radio
Multitasking may get a little easier with a new two-button computer mouse that doubles as a digital FM radio receiver. The device, called the MouseCaster, plugs into the computer's PS/2 port; a second cord attaches the mouse to the PC's sound card; a third functions as an antenna. An onscreen control panel allows listeners to program favorite stations much as they would a car radio, autoscan the dial and even set an alarm or play selected programs.

Review: Price is right, but Net calling is not for all
My initial excursion into using the Internet for telephone service taught me some important lessons.

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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance


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